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We want you to make an informed decision before you invest in our training courses. We are not here to convince you to pursue a career for which you do not meet the requirements or may not be well suited. We believe that no one has time and money to waste!

Our mission is for you to be highly successful with our products. We want your clients to fall in love with the Lavish Lashes® you apply, and we want you to be a loyal Lavish Lashes® customer.

Although there are now numerous companies where you can acquire eyelash extension products, your choices for purchasing the right training are very limited. The formula to be successful with eyelash extensions is easy:

Consideration 1

Know What to Expect

Eyelash extensions should not be confused with strip lashes, magnetic lashes or cluster lashes. Eyelash extensions are single or multiple thin extensions that are applied to a person's natural lashes by a certified lash professional to provide extra length, thickness, curl, or even color, enhancing the overall look of the eyes.

Certified lash professionals use a medical-grade adhesive to apply individual synthetic lashes to each natural eyelash hair only. Extensions do NOT touch the skin and are NOT glued to any other lash.

The entire procedure takes about 1-2.5 hours depending on how many lashes are desired.

The application of eyelash extensions requires both professionalism and safety. Professionalism is important to ensure that the service meets the customer's expectations in terms of look, quality, and longevity. Safety should be taken into consideration to avoid any irritation or infection of the eye area from improper procedure, wrong product, or unclean tools and environment. These important key concepts will help protect customers' eyes while ensuring they get their desired results.

Consideration 2

Assess Your Physical Abilities

There are risks naturally taken when working around the eyes. In order to safely apply eyelash extensions, you should meet the following physical requirements:

We highly recommend having your vision checked by a professional for acuity and depth perception before taking a class and applying eyelash extensions. Please keep in mind that using magnification devices can distort your depth perception, and it is possible that it may not compensate for lacking keen vision.

Most people are not accustomed to simultaneously manipulating sharp objects (like the tweezers used for applying eyelash extensions) with both hands. You will need to train your hands to maintain good control at all times to apply eyelash extensions safely.

Spatial ability is a cognitive skill and the innate ability to interpret and visualize the spatial relationship of one object to another. You need to be able to perceive and visualize the various angles you can pick up and attach the eyelash extensions to achieve precise attachments that are flattering and appropriate. The exemplary Lavish Lashes® training course will provide you with the theory and technical training needed to perform the intricate eyelash extensions application process. Still, you also have to have spatial ability.

Good candidates for learning the lash extensions procedure should possess the physical requirements above, as well as patience, great attention to detail, and a commitment to practicing.

Consideration 3

Skill Observation & Assessment

Earning your certification should be something to strive for! It's not about just "showing up" or finishing an online course - it takes a bit more than that. To prove you have what it takes, demonstrate that you can execute the application technique by applying a certain number of eyelash extensions within a specified time with the perfect technique.

If you weren't successful with your first lash attempt, don't worry! It is not as easy as it looks. Lavish Lashes is here to provide you with the support you need. We provide a complimentary refresher course so that you can be successful in achieving your certification. Our experienced professional will take you step-by-step through the process and make sure that you've comprehended the skills necessary to pass your certification.

Consideration 4

Steps to Certification

Provide proof that you have successfully completed formal training in how to provide an aseptic procedure for infection control (i.e provide proof of state license in the beauty, medical or dental field, or where applicable, Infection Control Certification).

This includes specific policies to protect you; the student/business, the consumer/client, and the Lavish® Brand. This agreement includes an acknowledgement that: Lavish Lashes’ merchandise and training materials are for professional use only. You understand and agree that it is incumbent upon you to know and comply with your state laws and licensing, or permit requirements for the application and removal of eyelash extension on consumers for a fee.

If you wish to become a certified Lavish Lashes provider, you must agree to comply with the 8 Pillars of Safety which are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of both clients and technicians.

The 8 Pillars of Safety
Acknowledgment of risk
Client Intake & Consent form
Removal of contacts
Provide an aseptic environment
Use eye irrigation/eyewash
Best practices for protecting
the upper eyelid and lower lashline
Weight tolerance
Perfect attachment to base lash

To become certified by Lavish Lashes, you must demonstrate proficiency in Lavish® products. This involves completing a one-day Classic Training course that covers Lash Extension Basic Technique and Safety. Once all requirements are met and successfully completed, you can then become certified with Lavish Lashes!

You must demonstrate to our instructors that you can consistently perform the application technique safely; for example, by showing that you can apply a specified number of eyelash extensions within a given timeframe with the perfect technique.

Consideration 5

Steps After Certification

Once you are trained and certified, it is time to develop a plan to keep the momentum going and ensure your success in your new career. Your success, is our success, and we are here to help.

If you don’t practice, your skills won’t improve, and you will give up! This technique takes time and REPEATED PRACTICE to master. Invite friends and family to be practice models in the days immediately following your class and begin practicing before working on clients! Need help finding someone to practice on? We can help! With our new Model Match-up Program, we can connect you with a volunteer model who will understand you are newly certified and will be patient while you build up your speed.

The right products can make you money and promote customer loyalty.

Ready to start servicing clients? Let Lavish Lashes® work for you through our Lavish Lashes® Professional Directory and Marketing Program, our marketing materials, one-on-one marketing development, and a place in our Find A Stylist directory so that clients can easily find you.

The lash and beauty industry waits for no one, and customers always know what is trending. Lavish Lashes® is committed to offering you the latest techniques in safe and savvy eyelash extension applications. Gain the skills and confidence needed to take your talents up a level with our Advanced Classic and Volume workshops!