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The Story Behind Lavish Lashes

At Lavish Lashes®, our mission is to empower beauty professionals and entrepreneurs in the eyelash extension industry. We provide unique, quality products, engaging training, and collaborative business and marketing support, centered on wellness and outstanding care.

Founded in April 2005 by Tim Dana and Mary Jane Roy, Lavish Lashes® was driven by Mary Jane's desire for longer, thicker, and natural looking lashes without damaging her own. At the time, online information about eyelash extensions was virtually nonexistent - Google didn’t even recognize “eyelash extensions” as a search term! With less than $3,000 in available credit and no beauty industry experience, they flew to South Korea to learn from the recognized innovator, Mrs. Doyeun. Upon returning to the US, they launched Lavish Lashes on Google April 1, 2005. Mary Jane was deeply concerned about the consequences of introducing this new product and created the nation's first eyelash extension training curriculum and certification program, as well as the 1-Step Technique for Perfect Bonding and five revolutionary products with patents in progress. With their core values and passion for people, Lavish Lashes has evolved into a worldwide multi million dollar industry.


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Our passion for training is deeply embedded in the Lavish Lashes DNA. Mary Jane has personally trained over 5,500 eyelash extension professionals and she inspires our team of professional trainers to go above and beyond.

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Our commitment to innovation and creativity is evident in the patents pending on several of our revolutionary products. We carefully craft each high-quality item to ensure optimal comfort, speed, and safety for the lash professional.

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