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The Story Behind Lavish Lashes

At Lavish Lashes®, our mission is to inspire, equip, and support ambitious beauty professionals and entrepreneurs to grow a successful and fulfilling eyelash extension business through unique, quality products, engaging training, and collaborative business and marketing support, centered on wellness and outstanding care.

Lavish Lashes® was founded in April 2005, by Tim Dana and Mary Jane Roy for one simple reason: Mary Jane had grown up longing for longer, thicker, and natural looking lashes that didn’t damage her own lashes and were easy to maintain. The strip lashes and flare lashes that had long been available to women for decades appeared too fake, could come off too easily and would pull out one’s own natural lashes. Their journey began In March 2005, when Mary Jane learned that that there was a new technique out of Asia for “semi-permanent” lashes that looked natural, felt natural, and you could shower with and leave on just like your own lashes. Except for one foreign website MJ discovered, online information about eyelash extensions was virtually nonexistent back then - Google didn’t even recognize “eyelash extensions” as a search term! Mary Jane had fallen in love with the concept of “semi-permanent” lashes and wanted to make them available to women across the US and the world. With less than $3,000 in available credit and no beauty industry experience they flew to South Korea to learn from the recognized eyelash extension innovator herself, Mrs. Doyeun, who is credited with inventing eyelash extensions in 2003. With their available credit quickly dwindling they purchased 10 sample kits for which to conduct their own product research and development. Upon arriving back to the US, with nothing more than a $50 website template they launched Lavish Lashes on Google April 1, 2005. Having worked in the commercial security industry where risk assessment and consumer safety is at the forefront of her mindset, Mary Jane was deeply concerned about serious consequences of introducing this new eyelash product, knowing the inherent risks associated with using a super quick bonding permanent adhesive near the eyes without proper training. “As soon as we launched we began receiving calls from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and celebrity makeup artists excited about buying and trying our eyelash extension products so there was a lot of demand and pressure to produce and sell our products to the masses, but we decided ‘People before profits. Do the right thing, and the rest will follow.” To compensate for the lack of industry-wide regulation, Lavish Lashes®, became the first company to establish its own standards and professional requirements. Mary Jane designed the nations first eyelash extension training curriculum and certification program for professionals and aspiring business owners. As VP of Operations and Director of Training, she personally trained over 5500 eyelash extension professionals and oversaw each of the Certified Lavish Lashes Trainers; she has perfected the 1-Step Technique for Perfect Bonding; and is an inventor of eyelash extension innovations with patents on five revolutionary products currently in progress. “The dream was never about how much product we could sell to grow a giant and profitable business. I believed that if I was so passionate about my desire to have longer , more beautiful eyelashes that I would fly across the world for it, I was convinced people would pay professionals $300 for a full set and maintain them thereby allowing estheticians, make up artists, cosmetologists and entrepreneurs a new way to triple their income potential. Little did we realize that by developing the products, designing the training and incorporating the business and marketing support, we were creating the standards and establishing a business model fundamental to the growth of what is now a worldwide multi million dollar industry.” Nearly two decades later, Lavish Lashes as evolved from it’s humble beginnings as a small family business and continues to hold true to their core values. January, 2020 Mary Jane took over as sole owner and CEO of Lavish Lashes. “Our 'Lavish family' has evolved and grown. Our industry has evolved and grown. The world of business has evolved and changed. It isn’t enough any more just to be good in business. We have to be exceptional. Aspiring lash artist and entrepreneurs need more that just great product and great training to grow their business, they need unconventional business and marketing support, community and a brand they can trust to support them every step of their journey. We are here to help them discover their passion, develop their skill and collaborate with our customers to have the largest network how highly successful and fulfilled professionals centered on outstanding care."


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Often copied but never achieved, our line of products includes several patent-pending innovations.





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Our passion for training is deeply embedded in the Lavish Lashes DNA. Mary Jane has personally trained over 5,500 eyelash extension professionals and she inspires our team of professional trainers to go above and beyond.

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Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. With patents pending on several revolutionary products, we design every high-quality item for ultimate comfort, speed, and safety - and with the lash professional in mind.

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