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When it comes to lash extensions, taking a certification course will teach you the right techniques for applying them. Although this is not a legal requirement, some states have mandated that lash extension professionals must be licensed in order to conduct business. This means that lash extension professionals must abide by their state's regulations and possess a valid license to do their job.

To be certified by Lavish Lashes®, you must meet the following three criteria:

1. You will need to provide proof of your licensure, formal training, or credentials within the beauty, medical, or dental industry.
2. You will need to successfully pass your chosen course by demonstrating comprehension of the key concepts and theory of lash extensions. You must demonstrate to our instructors that you can consistently perform the application technique safely, for example, by showing that you can apply a specified number of eyelash extensions within a given timeframe with perfect technique.

You are eligible for certification under the Lavish Lashes® company name by successfully meeting both requirements.

A Lavish Lashes® certification recognizes you as a certified Lavish Lashes® Professional within the industry. Our certification does not, however, automatically provide you a license to offer lash extension services to clients for a fee in the US state of your practice. Most US states require a paid license to practice certain beauty or body treatment disciplines. You must know and abide by the laws of your state regarding eyelash extensions. For your convenience, we have created a summary of state laws and regulations regarding eyelash extensions with the contact information for each state authority. Please note that this summary is not an exhaustive list of state laws and regulations regarding eyelash extensions. We recommend checking the website of your state authority for the most up-to-date information. It is your professional and personal responsibility to research the requirements in your state before signing up for the course.

Our policy for certification requires proof of licensure, formal training, or credentials within the beauty, medical, or dental industry. However, we do not want to discourage excellent lash extension candidates from becoming trained and certified by Lavish Lashes®. Lavish Lashes® reserves the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis and provide training and certification to individuals who do not possess a cosmetology or esthetician license at the time of training, but who satisfy all other requirements for certification. Once an individual without licensure starts their journey to become a Certified Lavish Lashes® Professional, it becomes their sole responsibility to research and review their state’s licensing or special permit requirements for offering and charging consumers for the lash extension service. It is incumbent upon each individual to understand and comply with these regulations.

The Lavish Lashes® certification does NOT automatically imply or guarantee that you can provide lash extension services for a fee in your state. However, the Lavish Lashes® certification does provide you with the necessary specialized training and unique skills to perform safe lash extension applications. Many of our students will obtain, as the next step in launching their new lash career, a cosmetology or esthetician’s license - ultimately making for a licensed and highly competent certified lash professional. In many US states, licensed cosmetologists and estheticians are legally allowed to perform lash extension services without specific training in lash extension or board testing. Lavish Lashes® certification, combined with the requirements for state licensure, ensures consumer safety and protection.

The one-day Classic Course for Basic Certification is a unique blend of theory and practical hands-on training that teaches you our safe and efficient method for the perfect classic technique in applying eyelash extensions. It provides you with the opportunity to be certified as an eyelash extension professional. The one-day Advanced Classic course takes your newly acquired skills to a new level and jumpstarts your new career by offering: - 5-7 hours of entirely hands-on training (except for the time during demonstrations) - More personal attention with a 1:2 instructor/student ratio for greater observation and feedback - Drills to challenge students to improve their speed with perfect technique - Tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations - Training on how to apply Lavish Lashes® safely to the lower lashes - Training on how to add more services to your lash service menu including colored lashes and introduction to volume lashing - Recognition of your training time, investment, and learning, with an Advanced Classic Certification

There are many benefits to taking the Advanced Classic on the day after the Classic course. The number one benefit is that the second day of the training includes training drill where students demonstrate that they can double or triple their speed and practice with confidence. It is no coincidence that 95% of our student's feedback highly recommends that the Classic course and the Advanced Classic course should be taken back-to-back as a two-day workshop because of the expansion in skill and confidence, not to mention the price advantage. Students and trainers are so confident about taking the courses together that they think we should make it a mandatory two-day class!

The Advanced Classic course covers topics related to the application of classic lashes with only an introduction to the volume technique, while the volume courses focus on the full application of custom-made and pre-made volume lashes and how to put the techniques together creating Hybrid Lash Sets.

Student numbers vary, but on average, they are as follows: Classic Course: 4-8 students Advanced Classic Course: 2-6 students Volume courses: 2-4 students This optimal instructor/student ratio offers more personalized instruction, observation, and feedback from the trainer.

Registering for our classes is quick and easy: Browse our training options for Classic and Volume Lash training Choose the class that suits your needs Explore our training schedule and search for the course, location, and date that works for you Create a customer profile Purchase your selected training class(es) Place your order and an invoice will be emailed to you Please note: You may also place your order by calling 888-708-1115, and don’t forget about our Lavish “Layaway” program!

You will be eligible to receive your certificate when:
Your paperwork has been received by the instructor You meet all the requirements for certification It typically takes about 1-2 weeks to receive your certificate in the mail.

It generally depends on whether or not we are running a sale or promotion. Please check with our customer service team directly regarding group rates by calling 888-708-1115.

1. Check your vision: If it has been a while since your last visit to an optometrist, please have your vision checked for both acuity and depth perception for close-up work before practicing the procedure. You may bring reading glasses, magnifier loops, or other types of magnification to assist with your vision. However, please be advised that magnification lenses are not always ideal, as they may interfere with your depth perception. Please proceed with caution when using magnification lenses on live models during and after class until you are confident using magnification devices with this particular technique. 2. Practice the procedure: It is not a pre-requisite, but if you have received your kit before your class, you may wish to begin practicing with the strip lashes provided by placing them on a closed eye/ flat back mannequin head (available here for purchase). The benefit of practicing is that you can start familiarizing yourself with your kit.

Please dress comfortably. We recommend you bring a sweater, as the meeting room might be cool. You will need to bring a copy of your professional license or proof of formal training in the beauty or medical field and a copy of your photo ID to class. If you do not have a professional license, you will still be allowed to attend class. However, please be aware that we may not be able to issue an official certificate, but rather a letter of completion. If you are in the process of getting your license, you can simply fax or email it, when you have received your license, and we will then mail you your certificate. If available, please bring your kit. Although your Lavish Lashes® certified trainers will provide supplies for training, you should use the tweezers in your kit, so that you learn to become comfortable with your tools.

We are committed to providing all students with the best training experience possible and this requires extensive planning and expenditures. Therefore, we are unable to refund any training fees or deposits once payment has been made. If you choose to re-schedule your class, you have up to one year from your original class date to pay the applicable administrative fee and take the class. OUR non-refundable administrative fees for re-scheduling requests apply as follows: (1) If we receive the written notice of your intent to reschedule fourteen (14) business days or more before the scheduled class, the non-refundable administrative fee to reschedule will be 50% of the class purchase price. (2) If we receive the written notice of your intent to reschedule between thirteen (13) business days and four (4) business days before the scheduled class, the non-refundable administrative fee to reschedule will be 75% of the class purchase price. (3) If we receive the written notice of your intent to reschedule three (3) business days or less before the scheduled class or you fail to attend a scheduled class without notice, rescheduling will require the full payment for an additional training course. (4) If you have to reschedule due to illness, such as emergency surgery, hospitalization, or a death in your immediate family (spouse, parents, children, siblings), a $75 administrative fee will apply upon the receipt of acceptable documentation providing evidence of the event. (5) If, and only if, you are rescheduling due to severe weather conditions in which local or state authorities declare roads unsafe for travel, we will waive the administrative fee. If you choose to cancel your class instead of rescheduling, you must provide written notice of cancellation more than fourteen (14) days before your scheduled class. You will receive a refund minus a $350 cancellation fee. Refunds will not be granted for cancellation requests made within fourteen (14) days of your scheduled class.

A slim percentage of students do not pass the Classic course the first time. The reasons for not passing include: Lack of perfect vision to perform the technique The student may overthink the procedure The student is too hard on themselves The student’s learning style requires a different approach and additional practice

You can retake the entire course free for an unlimited amount of time to refresh your skills or if you need a second chance to pass the course and become certified. If you would like to retake a course: Notify our office as soon as possible to reserve your seat, as space is limited and subject to availability A $50 administrative fee is required to reserve your seat (including lunch and class materials) if you schedule within the first six months of your original course A $100 administrative fee is required to reserve your seat if scheduled after the first six months of the original class You need to have “good standing” status according to the Lavish Lashes® terms and conditions if you are certified and are taking the course as a refresher course We offer this free training because we are committed to your success in providing consumers with a quality, safe procedure. As far as we know, there is not another eyelash extension company offering this kind of experience and dedication to their students!

You must practice with friends and family before you begin charging for eyelash extension services. If you don’t practice, your skills won’t improve, and our experience shows that those who don’t practice are more inclined to give up! The eyelash extension technique takes time and REPEATED PRACTICE to master. We recommend you invite friends and family as practice models in the days immediately following your class and begin practicing before working on clients! Need help finding someone to practice on? We can help! With our new Model Match-up Program, we can connect you with a volunteer model who will understand you are newly certified and will be patient while you build up your speed. Once you can safely and efficiently apply a full set of extensions in under two hours, you are ready to charge clients for the service.


We have identified five health risks associated with lash extension applications:
- Premature shedding of natural lashes - Allergic reactions - Adhesive in the eyes or on the skin - Wearing contact lenses during the procedure - Bacterial infection due to non-aseptic procedures To learn more about each potential health risk and how to prevent them please click here.

Orders / Accounts

All orders placed with Lavish Lashes® between Monday and Thursday will typically be shipped within 24-72 hours. For comprehensive information on our shipping options, please refer to our shipping policies.

Your account will remain “active” and in “good standing” unless you: (1) Provide substandard applications of eyelash or eyebrow extension services to your clients (2) Apply lash or brow extensions or remove lash or brow extensions in a manner that is unsafe (3) Offer to perform the eyelash extension system at substantially substandard prices for the market area (without limiting the generality, the fair market charge for the eyelash extension system in most cities should be no less than $100 per hour) (4) Violate any duty of confidentiality owed to Lavish Lashes® under any existing or future agreements (5) Attempt to train another individual on the system without being certified as a trainer by Lavish Lashes® (6) Do anything that would compromise client safety or the reputation of the Lavish Lashes® brand (7) Fail to remain “active” by not regularly purchasing Lavish Lashes® eyelash extension core products, specifically eyelash extensions and adhesives (noting that the shelf life of the Products is approximately ninety (90) days). You shall not have “active” status if additional core products are not reordered every one hundred twenty (120) days. This requirement can easily be satisfied by purchasing Lavish Lashes® adhesives and extensions.

Shipping / Return / Exchanges

Of course! Please keep in mind that for hygienic and quality control reasons, we can only accept unopened and sealed products (excluding adhesives) returned with a Return Authorization Number (RA#) within twenty-one (21) days of receipt. If the above conditions are met, we will refund the purchase price minus a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee and shipping charge.

Got an issue with your adhesive? Call us ASAP! We’ill consult with you to determine the best possible solution.

Return shipments must be addressed as follows: Lavish Lashes® Attn: Customer Service 34650 US Hwy 19 N Ste 202-C Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Partnerships and Programs

Yes! Once you are a Certified Lavish Lashes® specialist, you become eligible to participate in the Lavish Lashes® brand marketing and professional directory program:
1. Submit the application you receive after adding the program to your shopping cart 2. Once your application is received, we will review your listing request to determine that you meet both certification and “good standing” requirements
3. If additional information is needed, a customer service representative will contact you directly

You will find all the information and an application form on the Become a Trainer page on our website.

No! Only certified Lavish Lashes® trainers can train other beauty professionals. However, if you are interested in hosting a training at your salon/spa, please call our customer service team at 888-708-1115 or email to learn about our special packages.

Lavish Lashes® offers a unique program dedicated to beauty schools. Our School Partnership Program is ideal for schools interested in maximizing the value they can offer their students by hosting Lavish Lashes® classes at their location. To learn more, visit The School Partnership Program page on our website and/or call customer service at 888-708-1115 or email

Launching your extension business

Your earnings will depend on several factors, including: - The area in which you provide the service - Your hours of work - Experience and expertise - Your “menu of services” - many states require lash artists to become licensed as estheticians or cosmetologists, and you may have other talents and services you’ll want to offer clientele. Lash extensions are an exceptional added service for any beauty-based business - Where you work Given all this, it is really up to you! You can choose your career options: how much you work, where you work, how much you charge, etc. Here is a pricing model to help you decide. Go for it! Classic Full Set: 1.5 – 2 hours $225 – $300 Volume Blends Full Set: 2.5 – 3 hours $300 – $450 Remember: Times are approximate and depend on the condition of natural lashes and the desired look. Prices vary depending on your location.

That depends on your state’s requirements. We recommend checking with your State Board of Cosmetology.