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Key Benefits

Your Course includes

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the 2-Day Advanced Volume Kit! Packed with over $700 worth of innovative products and tools, this bundle has everything you need to kick off the success story of a lifetime.

Volume lashes are a great addition to your service portfolio and our two-day Advanced Volume Course is the fastest way to get there. In the unlikely event, you struggle with your certification, you can retake the entire course for a small admin and lunch fee. This also applies if you just want to refresh your skills.

The Lavish Lashes® Advanced Volume Course is for professional lash artists only. You must be proficient in applying 50 extensions on each eye with perfect technique in 1.0 to 1.5 hours. Our team will verify your skill set with a short questionnaire and by verifying 5 before and after photos/videos before class to help us tailor the training to best meet your needs.

Teaching eyelash extensions for the past 17 years has shown us that the ideal student-instructor ratio for the Volume Course is one to four. You should not accept anything less. Having the full attention of our instructors every step of the way guarantees you can make the most of all hands-on training and accomplish your goals.

Course modules

Review of the volume course

Volume fan-making techniques and hands-on practice

Hands-on volume blends lashing with your model and with the trainer observing and providing guidance and feedback

Complimentary lunch

Hands-on volume blends lashing with your model and with the trainer observing and providing guidance and feedback

Hands-on volume blends lashing with model and performance evaluation for certification

Practice model arrivals: consultations, supply set up & small break

Wrap-up, evaluations, and photographs

Disclaimer: Times dedicated to each item in the agenda above are approximate and may differ, allowing the trainer to best accommodate the varying readiness and skill levels of the students in the class.

Professional courses. Professional products. Professional results.

Our secret to success is a focus on quality, safety, and client experience - and the trust we have built over the past 17 years. We never compromise on the quality of our professional courses and our professional products. Know you are in the right hands with Lavish Lashes®.

Important Considerations

We consistently produce the most qualified and highly trained eyelash extension professionals in the industry. To do so, Lavish Lashes® requires three prerequisites for individuals pursuing certification as a Lavish Lashes® Eyelash Extension Professional. Please carefully read the requirements before registering for a class

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