How much do eyelash extensions cost?

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How expensive are eyelash extensions?

The cost of your Lavish Lashes® extension treatment is up to the discretion of each professional. The prices of lash extension services depend on several factors:

Location &

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Experience &
Service Offering

We always say experience matters, but we're not only talking about the skillset required. We also care how clients are treated. A certified lash artist's experience level affects the cost of getting eyelash extensions. A lash artist with an advanced skillset will be able to apply a customized set of lash extensions with perfect technique in a shorter period of time.

Formal Training
with Certification

Did you know that licensed estheticians and cosmetologists can receive their license to apply lash extensions without ever being trained or tested for their ability to safely apply them? Shocking, isn’t it?! With just one set of eyes, there isn't room for mistakes! When your lash stylist invests in training, they are investing in themselves and more importantly they are investing in you. The best are certified by Lavish Lashes. Look for the Lavish Lashes official certificate displayed in your lash stylist's workspace.


Pricing Estimates

Classic Lash Extensions Full Set starts at 75+ lash extensions per eye takes 1-2 hours to apply Cost starts at $150 Partial sets and fills start at 35+ extensions per eye Takes 45 min-1 hour Costs start at $75+ Unique lash styles that may impact price: Silky Minks (lighter lashes that are healthier for your lash line) Lower Lashes (help complete your lash look) Two-Tone Lashes (add color to enhance your eyes) Volume Lash Extensions- Full Set 75+ lash extensions per eye- Takes 2-3 hours to apply- starts at $200+ Volume lash styles that may impact price: Hybrid (a unique combination of classic and volume styles) Volume (multiple thin lash extensions attached to one natural eyelash) Mega Volume (multiple ultra thin lash extensions attached to one natural lash)

eyelash extensions

Quality matters

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are applied on top of your natural lashes to achieve styles ranging from subtle sophistication to bold, dark, and voluminous designs. Make them envious!