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Key Benefits

Your Course includes

Begin your entrepreneurial journey with the Two-Day Classic Mastery Kit. Valued at over $650, This package is rich with state-of-the-art products and tools, priming you for a remarkable journey to success.

Double the Training, Double the Advantage! By opting for two certifications instead of one, students not only gain a broader and deeper understanding of lash extensions, but they also enhance their marketability and credibility in the lash industry. Holding two certifications showcases dedication, versatility, and a higher level of expertise, giving graduates an edge in their careers. In a competitive market, dual certifications can differentiate a professional, attracting more opportunities and establishing trust with clients.

Our Classic Mastery Course delves deep into the basics and emphasizes safety in application – two pillars that form the bedrock of lash extension expertise. By mastering these essentials, you set yourself up for consistent, safe, and high-quality work, ensuring your clients always leave satisfied. In a realm where precision and care are paramount, equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to stand out.

From the subtle allure of Lower Lash Extensions to the vibrant drama of Two-Toned Colored Lashes, our Classic Mastery Course broadens your skillset. But here's the game-changer: By diversifying your lash service menu, you can significantly increase your earnings without needing more clients!

Our Classic Mastery Course introduces you to the captivating world of volume artistry, starting with the art of applying Premade Lash Fans. Master the techniques to craft breathtaking Hybrid and Full Volume sets, adding depth, drama, and dimension to every lash look. This skill not only sets you apart in the lash industry but also offers your clients the luxe volume they crave.

Witness seasoned instructors demonstrate techniques, then apply your skills on live models with expert guidance. This hands-on experience not only sharpens your technique but also boosts your confidence, prepping you for real-world client scenarios.

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

-History of eyelash extensions - Different types and styles of lashes

Eyelash Biology Basics

-Eye shapes and lash designs - Understanding natural eyelash growth cycles

Health & Safety Protocols

-Sterilization and sanitation best practices - Client consultation and understanding contraindications

Product Knowledge

-Types of lash extensions (synthetic, mink, silk, etc.) - Adhesives and their properties - Tools and their uses (tweezers, lash wands, etc.)

Preparation & Application Techniques

-Client preparation and comfort -Proper isolation techniques -Attachment methods -Filling, blending, and creating various looks (natural, dramatic, cat-eye, etc.)

Advanced Lashing Techniques

-Lower lashes - Two-toned color styling - Premade volume fans - Hybrid lashes - Working with different curl types

Aftercare & Maintenance

-Educating clients on extension longevity - Cleaning and caring for extensions - Maintenance and fill-ins

Troubleshooting & Correction

-Addressing common issues (allergic reactions, poor retention, etc.) - Removing extensions safely

Building Your Lash Business

-Pricing and creating service menus - Marketing and branding tips - Client retention strategies

Practical Hands-On Training

-Live model practice -Feedback and correction

Certification & Post-Training Support

-Assessment and evaluation - Ongoing support and resources for students

Professional courses. Professional products. Professional results.

Our secret to success is a focus on quality, safety, and client experience - and the trust we have built over the past 17 years. We never compromise on the quality of our professional courses and our professional products. Know you are in the right hands with Lavish Lashes®.

Important Considerations

We consistently produce the most qualified and highly trained eyelash extension professionals in the industry. To do so, Lavish Lashes® requires three prerequisites for individuals pursuing certification as a Lavish Lashes® Eyelash Extension Professional. Please carefully read the requirements before registering for a class.

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