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Premade volume fans, two lash extensions coming together as one, with a 3 mm long base and natural variations such as 2 different lengths lash strands, 2 same length lash strands and your choice of a wide or narrow width spread.

SelectCurlColorThicknessLengthPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0715mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0714mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0713mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0712mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0711mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.0710mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.079mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.078mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.077mm$14.00
Same Length - WideGlamourBlack.078-15mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0715mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.079mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0714mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0711mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0713mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.078mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0710mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.078-15mm$14.00
Same Length - WideClassicBlack.0712mm$14.00
Same Length - NarrowClassicBlack.0714mm$14.00
Same Length - NarrowClassicBlack.078-15mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Same Length - NarrowGlamourBlack.078-15mm$14.00
Different Length- WideClassicBlack.078/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Different Length- WideClassicBlack0.108/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Different Length- WideGlamourBlack.078/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Different Length- NarrowClassicBlack.078/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Different Length- NarrowClassicBlack0.108/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Different Length- NarrowGlamourBlack.078/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Out of Stock
Different Length- NarrowGlamourBlack0.108/6 - 15/13mm$14.00
Out of Stock