How Important Is It To Be Trained?

A: From the perspective of both the lash extension professional and the consumer, training and certification of lash extension stylists is of paramount importance. Lash extensions were introduced in the US in 2004, as a unique service whereby women may have longer, thicker naturally looking lashes that wear, shed, and feel like their natural lashes. The adhesive is different, the lashes are different, the application is different, and the result is different than what has been traditionally taught in esthetician and cosmetologist programs.

How important is the right training? See for yourself…….


eyelash-extensions-wrong Mascara-like clumps
Multiple crisscrossed lashes glued together
Some synthetic lashes were placed too close and touched the skin and could be felt causing very mild but noticeable discomfort


eyelash-extensions-properly No Clumps
Lashes curl up
Difficult to visibly distinguish between synthetic lash and own eyelash
Person with eyelash extensions can’t feel any difference between “naked” lashes and lashes after
properly applied extensions

How Do I Sign Up For Training Workshops?

A: Registering for our training a workshop is quick and easy. Simply go to our training schedule. Once you have chosen the training date and location for the workshop you wish to attend, you will be prompted to create a customer profile. Once that is completed, you will be able to purchase the training course(s) you have selected. An invoice will be automatically emailed to you when the order is placed. You may also place your order by calling 888-708-1115. Also, don’t forget about our Lavish “Layaway” Program!

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Since I only need the Basic Certification: Lash Extension Basic Technique and Safety to be certified, why would I pay more and take the Advanced Comprehension Course?

A: The content covered in the Advanced Course is designed to heighten your skill level and give you a jump-start on your new career. As a result of taking the Advanced Comprehension Course, you will gain confidence and speed as you learn additional techniques for perfect bonding and isolation, efficiency, and design. You will be provided tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations. You will also learn how to apply Lavish Lashes® safely to the lower lashes, a unique must-have service offering for your “Lash Menu of Services.” This class offers you more personalized instruction from the trainer and includes additional observation time whereby you benefit from watching the instructor apply lash extensions at expert speed and the trainer provides encouraging, instructive feedback as she observes you.

Optimally, the Advanced Course is taken the day after the Basic Certification Course: Lash Extension Basic Technique and Safety; however, it can be taken at a later date. Taking the two courses back-to-back as a two-day workshop offers the student many advantages in both in price and skill attainment.

An additional benefit of taking both courses back-to-back is that in the rare instance, when a student needs additional time beyond the Basic Certification course to grasp the skills required to be certified, the trainer will use her professional discretion to personalize the Advanced Course agenda, if it is being offered back-to-back, to accommodate the student’s skill level and provide the student with every opportunity to successfully complete the requirements and become certified. This does not affect the training experience for any other students enrolled in the Advanced Course. If there is not an Advanced Course scheduled the day after the Basic Certification course, the trainer, at her sole discretion, may invite the student to attend additional training to make up for any deficiency meeting the requirements for certification.



 Timed Skills Assessment
 Trainer – Student Rotations
 Introduction of Advanced Techniques
 Learn up to 10 different techniques for isolation and working with challenging lashes and moving more efficiently on the lash line.
 How to Safely Apply Lavish Lashes® to the Lower Lashes

Do I need to purchase a kit prior to attending the training?

A: No. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not require that you purchase a kit prior to attending our certification workshop. Lavish Lashes® provides everything you need for your training class. This option minimizes your initial investment that cannot be recovered in the unlikely event that, after taking the class, you decide that performing this service isn’t for you. However, since we are certifying you on our products, a kit purchase, or the minimum equivalent in core supplies for a Starter Kit, is needed in order for you to receive your certification.

Do I need to do any preparation or practice before the training?

A: Following are three steps you can take to prepare for your training class:

View the streaming video of the technique on our website to get a general idea of the procedure. Please keep in mind that this video clips is intended only to provide you, and the general public, with an overview of the procedure and is not intended as an instructional video. The specific methods you will be learning in class are trade secrets of Lavish Lashes® and are not publicly displayed.

If you have purchased and received your kit prior to your scheduled class date, you may wish to begin practicing the procedure on the strip lashes provided in your kit by placing them on a closed eye/flat back mannequin head (available for purchase).

Although the instructions provided are limited, the benefit of practicing in this manner is that you familiarize yourself with the steps.

If it has been a while since your last visit to an optometrist, please have your vision checked for both acuity and depth perception for close up work before practicing the procedure. You may also wish to consider bringing reading glasses, magnifier loops or some type of magnification to assist you with your vision. However, please be advised that magnification lenses are not always recommended as it may interfere with your depth perception. Please proceed with caution when using magnification lenses when working with live models during and after class until you are confident in your use of such magnification devises with this particular technique.

What should I wear and bring to class?

A: Please dress comfortably. We recommend you bring a sweater, as the meeting room might be cool.

Please bring a copy of your professional license, or proof of formal training, in the beauty or medical field and a copy of your photo ID to class. If you do not have a professional license you are still allowed to attend class, but please be aware that we may not be able to send you an official certificate, but rather a letter of completion. If you are in the process of obtaining your license you may simply fax that in when you have received it and we will then mail you a certificate.

If available, please bring your kit. Although your Lavish Lashes® Certified Instructor will be providing supplies for use during the training, it is preferable that you use the tweezers in your kit so that you learn to become comfortable with your tools.

You are permitted to take before and after photos of your eyelash extension application. However, no photos of the procedure itself may be taken and you are will need to provide your own digital camera. If you are unable to provide your own camera it may be possible to purchase the photos at a later date. The trainer is not permitted to provide you with any photos during class.

Whom should I ask to be my model?

A: You are required to bring a model to the training, however, if you are traveling from out of town and unable to do so, please contact us as soon as possible so we can explore other options. You may also request that we provide a model when making your reservation.

If you have any questions about your model being a good candidate for your training, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for assistance.


 Fairly straight lashes (curly lashes are more challenging to work with)
 Healthy Lashes
 Healthy Eyes
 Non-Sensitive Skin Around the Eye and Lash Line

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a class?

A: Lavish Lashes® is committed to providing you with the best training experience possible. Doing so requires advance planning and expenditures. Therefore, no full refunds on training fees or deposits will be given after the order is processed.

If you choose to re-schedule your class, you have up to one year from your original class date to pay the applicable administrative fee and take your training. A non-refundable administrative fee applies to re-scheduling requests as follows:

(1) If written notice of intent to reschedule is received fourteen (14) business days or greater before the scheduled class, the non-refundable administrative fee to reschedule will be:
a) $250.00 for the Basic Certification Course
b) $350.00 for both the Basic Certification Course (Day One) and the Advanced Comprehension Course (Day Two)
c) $150.00 for the Advanced Comprehension Course only

(2) If written notice of intent to reschedule is received thirteen (13) business days to four (4) business days before the scheduled class, the non-refundable administrative fee to reschedule will be:
a) $450.00 for the Basic Certification Course
b) $550.00 for both the Basic Certification Course (Day One) and the Advanced Comprehension Course (Day Two)
c) $250.00 for the Advanced Comprehension Course only

(3) If written notice of intent to reschedule is received three (3) business days or less before the scheduled class, or you fail to attend a scheduled class without notice, rescheduling will require immediate full payment of the training course fee.

(4) If you are rescheduling due to illness, such as emergency surgery or hospitalization, or a death in your immediate family (spouse, parents, children, siblings), a $75 administrative fee will apply when proper documentation providing evidence to the event is provided.

(5) If, and only if, you are rescheduling due to severe weather conditions in which local or state authorities declare roads to be unsafe for travel shall an administrative fee be waived.

If you choose to cancel your class and not reschedule, classes cancelled fourteen (14) business days or less prior to a scheduled class will not receive a refund. Cancellations made by written notice more than fourteen (14) business days prior to a scheduled class will be honored minus a $350 cancellation fee.

What if I do not pass the Basic Certification course, can I still work toward a certificate?

A: Absolutely! Students who take our One Day Basic Certification Course are offered a free review/retest training* to provide a second chance to pass the course and become certified, without an additional training fee. At Lavish Lashes® just showing up for training does not guarantee certification. Our paramount objective is consumer safety through the demonstration of perfect technique during your training. We offer this additional free training because we are committed to your success in providing consumers with a quality, safe procedure. As far as we are aware, there isn’t another eyelash extension company that offers this kind of experience and dedication to their students!

* $50.00 administrative fee and kit purchase applies. Offer good for six months following your initial training.

How soon after I receive my certification will I be ready to charge clients for eyelash extensions?

A: It is very important that you practice with friends and relatives before you begin to charge for the service. Once you can safely and efficiently apply a full set of extensions in under two hours, you are ready to charge clients for the service.

Once I am trained and certified do I get a discount on product purchases?

A: You will receive a 15% discount on all purchases, with exception to kits, when ordered at your class with your trainer. Please note that your trainer does not have kits or supplies with her to sell at the class. She is strictly there to train you. She can, however, answer any questions you have about products and take an order from you, which we will ship from our main offices.

Will I need special materials and equipment to provide this service?

A: The Lavish Lashes® Kit comes with everything you need to get started. However, since applying lash extensions safely requires great precision, you may need to consider tools to enhance your vision such as a magnification visor, loupe, or reading classes. You will also need to evaluate the lighting in your work environment as it may be necessary to purchase additional overhead lighting or a lamp that reduces eye strain, through full spectrum lighting.

Your client will need to be fully reclined, such as in an esthetician chair or massage bed, to best view your client’s lashes and apply lash extensions comfortably. You’ll need to place your lash extension supplies on a table stand or counter within arm’s reach. And a quiet, soothing environment is best, as most clients will fall asleep during this relaxing procedure.

It is recommended that most lash removals be done with your client sitting upright, or in a slightly reclined position, with the appropriate back and neck support. Doing so can prevent the highly viscous solution from accidentally entering the eye. For this reason, you will want to have an adjustable chair or stool, with both back and head support, for your client and at least one other adjustable chair or stool for you.