It is highly recommended that the Advanced Comprehension Course is taken the day after the Basic Certification Course: Lash Extension Basic Technique and Safety. Taking the two courses back-to-back as a two-day workshop offers the student many advantages in both in price and skill attainment. However, we know that is not always possible and some individuals will need to take it at a later date as a one-day workshop.

The content covered in the Advanced Course is designed to heighten your skill level and give you a jump-start on your new career. As a result of taking the Advanced Comprehension Course, you will gain confidence and speed as you learn additional techniques for perfect bonding and isolation, efficiency, and design. You will be provided tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations. You will also learn how to apply Lavish Lashes® safely to the lower lashes, a unique must-have service offering for your “Lash Menu of Services.” This class offers you more personalized instruction from the trainer and includes additional observation time whereby you benefit from watching the instructor apply lash extensions at expert speed and receive encouraging, instructive feedback as she observes you applying the lashes.

You will need to provide a model for the entire Advanced Course. Unlike other companies, Lavish Lashes® does not ask you to be a model for another student. The goal of our training is to teach you the application technique as a professional, not from the perspective of the client, thus giving you the most value for your training hours and investment.

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Course Agenda

Advanced Comprehension Course - Typical Class AgendaDuration
The Advanced Comprehension Course provides an opportunity for students to reinforce their confidence in the basic technique by improving their speed and consistency, while gaining the benefit of learning advanced techniques, including how to safely apply lower lashes to increase revenue!
Oral Review(15 minutes)
Set-up and Model Preparation(15 minutes)
Hands-on with Model for the Remainder of the Day
Timed Skills Assessment and Feedback
(60 minutes)
Trainer/Student Rotations - Students and trainer rotate observations, demonstrations and feedback using a timing sequence to improve the students’ skill set.(30-60 minutes)
Light Lunch (Complimentary)(30 minutes)
Introduction and Practice of Advanced Techniques - Learn up to 10 different techniques for isolation and working with challenging lashes and moving more efficiently on the lash line.(60-90 minutes)
How to Safely Apply Lavish Lashes® to the Lower Lashes(30-60 minutes)

*Class times may vary from 5-7 hours depending on the number of students and skill level.

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