After moving to the United States from Poland in 2003, Kasia began her career by becoming a licensed nail technician in Illinois in 2004. She continued her passion for the beauty industry by obtaining her AVEDA Cosmetology License and completed her Master AVEDA Stylist certification in Florida. She earned her Illinois and Florida Cosmetology License in 2010 and in Texas in 2015. In 2011 she was also certified at Schwarzkopf as a Master Colorist. She received her Lavish Lashes certificate in 2012 and has been a Lavish Lashes National Trainer since 2015. After many years in the hospitality service, as well, she relishes in the fact that she can pass along her knowledge and passion to others and can help teach the skills needed to become a Lavish Lashes stylist. Kasia is currently the proud owner of DALLASH in Dallas and a private salon in Chicago.

Q: How did you get started in lashes?
I absolutely hate mascara! A girlfriend of mine took me to my first eyelash extensions appointment. Even though the work done during the application was not flawless it opened up my eyes to the potential of this service. I tried a couple different brands with a couple different trainings online and in person, and I still wasn’t happy with it. Over the next few months, my friend and I searched for the best lash extension course, and we both committed to taking the Lavish Lashes class.

Q: Why did you choose Lavish Lashes® for the training?
I had been doing a lot of hair extensions, so a lot of my clients, as well as other coworkers, were all speaking about the main four, including Lavish. After some research, the ability of taking a class with Lavish was easy compared to the other ones. Lavish was in every major city in the country, whereas, the other major companies you had to fly to their training facility, or the wait time was so long. Even though Lavish was the most expensive out of all those classes, it was the most convenient and has a great brand and product reputation to back the company.

Q: Describe your training with Lavish Lashes®.
The class I took with Lavish really changed my view of school. The trainer made it look easy and made me feel comfortable. I felt like a child at preschool learning how to hold a pen in my hand for the first time. Knowing where that pen from preschool “took me” in life made me think where becoming a certified lash stylist was going to take me. My biggest challenge was to believe in myself. The instructor kept me calm when I was getting frustrated and showed me how to correct my hand position, which was my biggest challenge. She was able to suggest different tweezers to make things easier for me. It was the little things that turned out to be most difficult, and those little adjustments that she made were the key to proper technique and faster application.

Q: Do you feel it is important to take the Advanced Class?
Yes, I made the decision early on about the second day because I felt like one day isn’t enough to learn everything. I figured it’s very important to do at least the two day class. At the end of the first day, I was able to write out all the questions I had and was able to ask everything on the second day. It was enough to get started on my own and be confident that I could do the basic proper application with the basic technique by myself.

Q: What do you think makes Lavish Lashes® different from other lash extension companies?
Lavish Lashes last! If proper application is performed along with changing the glue every 2-3 months, it creates a long lasting hold. Bold mink lashes hold the perfect shine. All products work well together and I can guarantee all my clients a long lasting hold and flawless look.

Q: What is the most important thing you can teach your students?
Well, the most important thing is that it’s not for everyone. You have to believe in yourself and believe in your skills. When you train with Lavish, you are getting the proper technique and the best products. They will get you where you need to be as long as your practice, because practice is the key to success.

Q: What personal characteristics make you a great trainer and inspiration?
To afford paying for all schools and training I worked at bars and restaurants as a bartender/server. I’ve learned a lot over 10 years and have been passing along my knowledge to others. During my time at the Aveda Institute, I graduated with the highest GPA. I graduated with over 1600 hours where Florida State requires only 1250 hours to earn a cosmetology license. I teach by example. What I’ve learned is priceless and it was the best investment I made to reach my goals in life.

Q: Why did you want to be a Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainer?
One of my most inspiring experiences was taking the Lavish Lashes class with Veronica. I can see the growth in myself and I would like to give the experience I received to others.