Wendy has been a licensed Esthetician in Alberta, Canada since 1997. She later became certified with Lavish Lashes in 2013. Wendy also possesses a diploma through the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology as a Laboratory & Research Technician, where she implemented formal procedures for proper usage of certain chemicals for health safety. She is a mom who now spends more time with her family by being able to see lash clients in her home studio.

Q: When did you become interested in applying lashes?
I first trained through a different company in October 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. I was not satisfied on how the training course was delivered, but I continued to practice my skills/technique on clients. I later enrolled in the 2-day training course through Lavish Lashes in April 2013.

Q: How did you enjoy your Lavish Lashes® Training?
The training I received through Lavish Lashes was outstanding, and I very much enjoyed the experience. The Certified Lavish Lashes Trainer was quite thorough on the technique/application, which made it easier for me to grasp the concept. The training gave me the confidence to become an exquisite lash artist and the training exceeded my expectations. The training through Lavish Lashes encouraged me and set me up to be successful in my home business.

Q: Why do you choose to become a Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainer?
I truly love being a lash artist and I strive to provide the greatest level of satisfaction for my clients. I would love to teach future Lash Artists and want them to have the same passion and pleasure in providing beautiful lashes. I want to inspire others to perfect this meticulous technique, give them encouragement for succeeding with their business goals, and to promote Lavish Lashes for their services. Through my experience as a Lash Artist, Esthetician, and Research Technician, I feel I have a lot to offer in teaching someone to learn and grasp a technique/skill in mastering lash artistry.

Q: What do you think makes Lavish Lashes® different than other lash extension companies?
Lavish Lashes is different due to the training and great customer service. Within the first five minutes of my first day training course I was impressed by the instruction. Since I had previous training, I had a good comparison of how one needs to be trained to learn this meticulous skill, but also the knowledge required for the procedure, product, sterilizing, etc. Any questions I had, or if I needed help, was always met to my expectations. I have contacted the company with certain questions and always received a quick response with an answer. Most importantly I love the Lavish Lashes product. I hear from many of my clients that have had lash extensions elsewhere, and they tell me how they truly love the Lavish minks over other brands.

Q: You have been doing lashes for a while. Have you seen inferior work?
I have seen many clients with lashes applied incorrectly where it caused immense damage to natural lashes or even bald spots. I want to promote top quality training and teach how to perform the technique precisely to avoid any incorrect applications. Lavish Lashes correctly trains and shows the skills needed to achieve success as a Lash Artist, and I want the opportunity to provide this experience to the next potential lash artist.

Q: What do you like most about doing lashes?
I love being a Lash Artist; I find the whole process quite relaxing and quite therapeutic. It’s almost like a down time away from my kids, even though I’m in the house. I love doing it, and I love seeing my clients and their appearances right after the application, and I love how they are just wowed, and I see immediately the boost in their confidence.

Q: What has been the best way to advertise?
I have my Facebook page, and I have business cards, but I find the biggest advertisement for me are my clients. They are my walking billboards!

Q: Would you suggest taking the basic and advanced course?
Yes! You want to absorb and learn as much as possible, so take the two days. You’ll benefit greatly from it because the skill is so meticulous. You’ll have more time to really get yourself going with it and learn some tricks of the trade too. I always tell them by that second day you’re like “Oh I got it now!” When I did the two day training class, I was wowed. I was like “This is what’s going to get me to succeed with this now!”

Q: What is the most important thing to share with new students?
You have to be patient with yourself. Don’t get discouraged because it’s something that sometimes we can’t just grasp that first hour. It takes sometimes a month or even a week or even by that second day. I always say, it’s like a surgeon. They learn skills, but they keep practicing, even on their off days when they’re not performing surgery on people, they’re practicing. Because to keep a skill and keep up with a skill or to master it, it takes practice. We are going to teach you the “Standard Operating Procedure”, and now you are going to keep practicing to master that.