Rachel Hollingsworth represents the company in Mississippi. This mom of three, whose husband serves the country in the USAF, has been active in the beauty industry for 17 years. Rachel is a hair stylist who has a passion for what she does and truly loves her clients. When Lavish Lashes® came knocking, she was excited to become one of our trainers. In addition to this, becoming Lavish Certified has also enabled her to provide her customers with the lash extensions they’ve constantly been asking her for.

Q: How did you become interested in preforming eyelash extension services?
A: At the salon, we had people calling and wanting to know if we did eyelash extensions, and no one did it at the time. I would say once a week, maybe twice a week, we would get phone calls about it. One day after someone else called, I finally said, “I’m just going to do it”, so I just went on the internet and I found Lavish.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about doing lashes?
A: One thing that I love, especially when my clients first get their lashes, is the way that they see the transformation, and then they are just totally hooked. They are just so amazed at how great they look, and how much of a difference it makes. I do hair as well and I’ve noticed I have clients that will postpone getting their hair done just to make sure they have lashes!

Q: Why did you choose Lavish Lashes®?
A: I just called Lavish Lashes®, and I’m glad that I did because I really just believe it was fate. I didn’t research, or call around to see what other people were doing around me. I just looked it up, saw Lavish Lashes® and looked through the website. I didn’t even look at anyone else; I just think it was meant to be. I’m so glad I went with Lavish since you are the best. I wanted to set myself apart from everyone else. Like I said, it was just meant to be.

Q: How did you enjoy your certification training, and how did it contribute to you wanting to become a trainer?
A: I enjoyed the class and my trainer, and the class was fun! The trainer was very informative and answered all of my questions. I did have one challenge with the tape rubbing my model’s eye and my trainer taught me how to use the tape to fix this problem. I actually use this technique quite often. I want to make sure that all my students have the knowledge they need to give their clients the best experience. I really love doing lashes and training, so I think that will definitely be something that sets me apart from other people. I think being a trainer will be fun! It was a journey to become an educator, and I’m really glad I did it.

Q: Do you take the Basic and Advanced courses together?
A: Yes. I think that while you are there you should go ahead and do both. I thought if I’m going to be dealing with someone’s eyes and being that close to their eyes, I have to feel comfortable doing everything. So it was a no brainer for me ─ I just did it!

Q: What makes the Advanced Class so special?
A: You come out of the Advanced class more confidant, and you learn so much more on the second day ─ all the tips and tricks and all of the things you are not able to get through on the first day. It is so beneficial, for both you and your clients. On the second day everything kind of clicks and you start getting it. It’s almost a whole day of hands-on, and we go over all the things that make it easier to do lash extensions.

Q: Have you ever had to provide corrective lash work?
A: Yes, I have one client who came to me when her lashes were damaged. She had gone to someone else, so we had to go through a grow-out period and let her natural lashes get better. I wanted to change things up a little bit. She wanted them to be glamorous and curlier ─ she likes dramatic. I talked to her about doing shorter and thinner, and we made the decision to do that. It turned out great and she loved them. Sometimes a little trust goes a long way.

Q: Do you get a chance to work with our colored lashes much?
I haven’t yet, but I have a plan in place. This coming school year I’m going to advertise colored lashes for events, and I know the girls around here are just going to freak out about it! I’m going to do event lashes, so it’s not a total full set. I can do the school colors for cheerleaders, or homecoming, prom and other sporting events. I think the girls around here are really going to catch on to that, so I’m excited!

Q: What advice would you give to a student as they start their lash career?
A: Well I think number one is safety ─ make sure that you are doing every single thing you can to protect your client. Second is to be confidant, even in the beginning, because clients know if you’re confidant or nervous.

Q: What do you most like about the Lavish Lashes® products?
A: I really like the way the lashes look on the clients. I’ve seen other lashes, and you can actually see the difference. Ours look more natural to me, and my clients also tell me our lashes feel more natural. I just know that our products are the highest quality.

Q: What is your favorite Lavish Lashes® glue to use?
A: Right now I’m using the Ultra Bond because it dries the quickest. In the beginning I used the Elite Bond.

Q: Do you think being trained professionally by Lavish Lashes® was a good investment?
A: Absolutely! It is totally worth the investment. When you are professionally certified and can get insurance as well, if something does happen, you’re covered. When you’re dealing with someone’s eyesight, you need to be taught by someone who is a professional. You cannot just go to Sally’s and buy some stuff off the shelf, or order things off of Amazon. I’ve heard of people doing that, and you don’t even know what you are getting, so it’s scary.