April Burch is a native of Durham, NC and is the founder of Skincare Solutions; an upscale Beauty Bar Studio in North Raleigh. April has many years of experience in the beauty industry and has cultivated her raw talents into creating glamour through eyebrow sculpting and design, while also applying her experiences in aesthetics, makeup, and eyelash extensions. April’s clientele, including celebrities, are fully aware that they will have no worries while she works her magic. She continues to follow her heart and passions and is continually expanding her work; whether on the runway, print, or on television ─ both behind and in front of the camera.

Q: Why did you choose Lavish Lashes®?
A: What stood out for me was that any possible question that I had was answered on their website. Then finances, especially in the beginning that was a main concern, and then when I saw the payment plan I was like “Oh, this is great!” I had nothing to lose, so I took the basic class, the advanced class, and also purchased a pro kit. I feel like they already want you to succeed when looking at their website, giving you a payment plan that most companies don’t, or didn’t at the time, and they explained everything. I loved their pictures; the lashes looked so natural and that sold me. I’m big on enhancing someone’s beauty, but naturally, not where it automatically looks fake. The website is very professional; from the first time I looked at it I was excited and just ready to go and couldn’t wait to book the class. I never questioned my decision and didn’t have a second thought at all.

Q: You mentioned cost being a concern. What are your insights now that you are a part of the Lavish Lashes® family?
A: It is worth the investment. Quality costs, and you get rewarded triple back what you invested in it. Clients are looking for you as opposed to you having to look for them ─ because they know you are the best.

Q: What was the catalyst that made you want to become a Lavish Lashes® Trainer?
A: It was just after a couple minutes into my day one training! Just seeing my trainer’s enthusiasm and all of her knowledge; she made everything just seem like a win-win situation. After the first day I was asking my trainer about becoming a trainer, and she was like ─ hold on April ─ let’s go through the process; first you have to be certified and then take the advanced class and get the practice that you need, then from there we will see what we can do. I was really excited and eager to become a part of Lavish Lashes and was just so happy with how the training was going; it was nothing but excitement! I wanted to train even before I even got licensed to do lashes!

Q: Did you have to overcome any challenges during your training for your Lavish Lashes certification?
A: Yes, the challenge I had was the speed. I have a steady hand and am very detail oriented, so placing the lashes was not an issue, however, working with my left hand was a challenge. To overcome this challenge I repeatedly practiced using my left hand, just separating lashes until it felt normal. I felt uplifted and ready to take on the world after I received my certification!

Q: You took the basic and advanced courses back to back. Would you advise others to do the same?
A: Definitely, it shouldn’t even be a question. As soon as I saw the Lavish Lashes website I immediately knew to take, or wanted to take, day one, day two, and also get the pro kit. I wanted to go in with a win-win situation because I’m a strong believer that what you put in is what you get out or more. I didn’t want to go in halfway because you can’t go into something half way and expect the ultimate result. I knew I wanted to take both courses together to get the most out of it.

Q: Why would you suggest someone choose to be certified with Lavish Lashes®?
A: Lavish Lashes® gives you all the tools that you need to succeed. They also stay ahead of the beauty industry with new ideas and techniques. When you’re dealing with Lavish it’s a win-win situation where you don’t feel like you’ll ever lose. I feel that being invested with Lavish Lashes® is like a life term partnership because they’re right there beside you and you never have to worry. I feel like you just do the easy part, the easy part is that you partner with them, and they have everything else lined up for your success. Being connected to them also says a lot about where you are going in the future.

Q: What do you find to be the best way to advertise your services?
A: What has helped me has been word of mouth, when I service clients I want them to leave with someone giving them a compliment about their brows or lashes. I like getting the walking advertisements because they bring in more clients that know what I am about and what I am going to do. I also use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I tried paying some marketing companies in the past, and it was the hardest thing trying to have people come to you if they don’t really know who you are, and what you do.

Q: How would you describe the support system that Lavish Lashes® offers, and how does everything help you and your students succeed?
A: Number one is that there is always someone available. I love that; whether it’s from the trainers or customer service, everyone is very knowledgeable. If you have a question, you are going to get the answer right then and there, and you never have to wait. After you become certified, you are also able to be listed on the directory website, so at any time if someone is in the area and looking to have their lashes done, they can find you. With Lavish Lashes, you have more than enough people behind you to succeed.

Q: Any fun training moments that stand out?
A: One of the students I was training had her friend as her model for day one, and she wasn’t able to come the second day, but that student was so good she was able to get enough lashes on her friend during day one that she actually called out of work to be her model for the next day! Not only was that student even happier and more confidant, but her friend wanted to come back and get more lashes! I explained to her that she would be a good candidate for the lower lashes the next day, so she was happy and my student was happy!

Q: If you could give your students one piece of advice as they begin their careers, what would you say to them?
A: Patience, I would say that a thousand times. I let them know that everyone is different, and as long as you can have patience, take heed of the safety precautions, and do the application the correctly, everything else kind of falls into place. I always tell them to be really, really patient with what they are doing because once they are patient enough to do it the correct right way, then the speed will come and everything else along with it.

Q: After working with the variety of Lavish Glues, which do you prefer and why?
A: I have worked with them all. I love the Ultra Bond the best, simply because it dries a little quicker. It’s very similar to the Elite Bond, but again, I like the speed of how fast it dries, because the longer I do lashes, the quicker my applications becomes.

Q: Overall, what are some words that would best sum up how you feel about Lavish Lashes®?
A: Family. A trustworthy atmosphere. Professionalism. A company that always knows what’s best for women and their beauty.