In 2000, Jessica graduated top of her class from Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Ohio. She worked in a small shop for about year doing hair, skin, and nails, before moving to well-known day spa in the Dayton area, where she specialized in nails. Four years ago, Jessica opened her own spa and began offering lash extensions, which led her to become a Lavish Lashes® Trainer.

Q: How did you get started in lashes?
A: I heard about lash extensions, did some research and realized that Lavish Lashes® was among the first in the United States to do the lash extensions. They specialized in the training aspect and set the standards for eyelash extensions. That is why I fell in love with Lavish Lashes®. I feel I’m an innovator myself, being creative in the nail world. That is what I was looking for in lash extensions and that is what I found. I chose Lavish Lashes®, and I haven’t had one regret.

Q: Why did you become a trainer and how did it come about?
A: I felt it was an opportunity to be trained by the best and learn from the best, which is Mary Jane Dana, Co-founder of Lavish Lashes®. I waited until they expanded into my area, and when I checked it out they were currently looking for new trainees, so it just fell into place.

Q: What is the lash industry like in your area right now?
A: It is new in my area, within the last three to four years. And I can say that my business has probably doubled, if not tripled, in just the few years since I’ve been doing eyelash extensions. Since I’ve been trained to do lash extensions, more and more people are finding out about it.

Q: What percentage of your business is doing lashes?
A: I actually have a program that maps that out, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to use it. But, I can tell you that my eyelash business is almost overtaking my nail business, and I’ve been a specialist and the top nail tech in my area for 14 years.

Q: After you’ve trained stylists, what’s the best piece of advice you can give them as they get started in lash extensions?
A: Practice, practice, and practice—practice makes perfect. Always remember the basic steps: the way we teach you to pick up the lashes, to dip it into the glue, and where and how we apply the extension to the lash. Once you have the basics, the rest will come.

Q: What should every customer know when they go looking for a Lash Stylist?
A: They should find someone who is certified by Lavish Lashes® and someone who is experienced and applies a good amount of lash extensions. The products that they use should be of good quality, like ours.

Q: Do you feel it’s important for students to take the two-day course?
A: If they are definitely interested in doing this as a career, I think it’s very important. There are a lot of tools that I learned on the second day of training that I use everyday and on every client. I feel it is so important that I’m trying to go back and follow-up with students to encourage them to take the advanced day training.

Q: Do you find that some people are more adept and take to it more quickly than others?
A: Absolutely. It is a skill to work with both hands at the same time, very carefully, and you must have good vision. Some people understand the concept, but cannot physically do it. Being very detail-oriented helps, as well as having good vision. They are both very important.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a Lavish Lashes® Trainer?
A: I get to travel and meet new people, and share my experience with newbies.

Q: Any great memory from a class that stands out?
A: It’s just been fun. People enjoy it and have fun with it. People are excited and happy to learn it and to get home and practice.

Q: How is Lavish Lashes® Customer Service?
A: Anytime I’ve contacted them, they’ve been over the top with their customer service. They are very customer service oriented. Orders always go out on time. I’ve never had a wrong order.

Q: What is the most important thing you can teach your students?
A: The reason you are here is to set yourself apart from someone up the street or even in the same building. I want them to understand and appreciate that Lavish Lashes® is exclusive; the products and techniques that only Lavish has is what makes it special for them and their clients.