Melissa Hare resides in central Pennsylvania. She is a licensed Cosmetologist who focused on nails and spray tanning before becoming Lavish Lashes certified in 2014. As a former salon and office manager, it was only natural for her to extend her talent for teaching by becoming a Lavish Lashes Trainer in 2015! She is inspired to build confidence in each new stylist and to teach them how to effectively market themselves and the products to make the most of their career and investment.

Q: How did you decide to take the leap from Lavish Lashes stylist to Lavish Lashes trainer?
A: I wanted to add more adventure in my life, spread my knowledge and help students. I want to meet future stylists. I want to give them confidence and say “It’s ok, I was in your shoes, you have the ability to get to here.” I want to guide them and help them become successful!

Q: How did you first learn about Lavish Lashes?
A: Through my employer. She went to many different hair shows and acquired a lot of information on eyelashes, and came back and said let’s get some other salons feedback; what do they use, what do they like? My employer approached her friend, who is also a salon owner, and asked, “What would you recommend?” And she said “Lavish Lashes is the best.”

Q: When you were trained, did you have any preconceived notions about what you thought it would be like? Did anything surprise you?
A: I really thought when I went in that it would be something extremely difficult to do, and I thought how can I do this? I was looking at the website and thinking how do I handle something so tiny and apply it on someone’s lashes and make them look so beautiful? I thought it would be really difficult, but actually the step by step process that you are taught turned out to be a lot easier to do than I envisioned.

Q: What is your favorite Lavish Lashes product to work with and why?
A: I love the silky lashes. They are soft, and I have been having such positive feedback from the clients on how they feel; plus, I can put them on my little ring holder and they are easy to work with. I also like the ultra-bond because it bonds faster, and I can work faster. I love the glue rings, they are amazing, they allow me to stay focused at one spot, and it increases my time dramatically.

Q: What type of look do most of your clients ask for?
A: I would say 75% of my clients like the natural length and about 25% like the glamorous length. I find it’s the younger clients that like the more dramatic look, and the more middle aged clients like the natural length.

Q: What traits do you find most successful lash artists have in your experience?
A: Patience. Knowing that it’s not going to happen overnight. A steady hand is always great. Good hand-eye coordination and being detail oriented. You also have to be welcoming and able to put the client at ease, so they feel comfortable with you.

Q: Do you do anything above and beyond to make your clients comfortable?
A: I have relaxing music, and I have a wall mounted fireplace which gives the space an added comfy feel. The lighting is dimmed, and I have pillows to put under their knee area to take pressure off of their lower back. I have a massage bed with heat so it is always warm when they lay on the bed. They also have a comfy blanket to snuggle with if they wish, and we serve everything from water to wine and mixed drinks.

Q: If you could lash any celebrity, who would it be?
A: Kate Hudson. I think she would be fun! She would be more of a person who would do the colored lashes, and I think she would be a joy to talk to. I just love her eyes; I just think they would “pop” with extensions, and of course, she’s beautiful. I could see just having fun with her.

Q: How does Lavish Lashes training, support staff, and encouragement help students succeed?
A: I would say they build a lot of confidence and the excitement with their encouragement. You don’t feel scared to try it; it’s more like an adventure than a task. You never feel alone, and if you have a question there is always someone there you can contact. Everyone I’ve ever spoken with is always very knowledgeable at Lavish; they know all of the products and techniques, it’s great. I just love the level of professionalism that you get and how they help you with marketing and are always giving you ideas to help you become successful.

Q: What have been the best ways to market yourself?
A: The best ways were the before and after pictures so everyone could see the difference that it makes on each individual. Social media is another great thing. I also placed eyelash extensions on my co-workers so that way clients could see first hand what they look like. I prepared client specials such as “get a full set of Lavish lashes and receive an XYZ discount,” and I also gave current clients a referral incentive.

Q: What is your “teacher” personality? What can your students expect?
A: I like to have fun, I’m funny, I’m not straight-laced, and I’m not monotone! I also have a soothing approach, a motherly approach. I always want to be approachable at any time with my students. I don’t want them to feel like “Ok, I’ve had my one or two days with you, next….” I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that. I’ll answer ALL of your questions. I’m detail oriented and very organized.

Q: What is the best piece of parting wisdom you will instill into your students?
A: Practice, practice, practice; practice makes perfect and makes you more confident. Take pictures, before and after no matter what stage you are in, then you can see how far you’ve come. Stay focused; know what you want to do and make a plan on how to make it happen.

Q: So where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I would like to see myself completely 100% filled with nothing but lashes. I currently do nails, spray tans, and lashes. I’ve noticed my book is now 70% lashes and 30% other services and I want it to be 100% lashes and be a very busy trainer. I want my clients to say “so where are you going this week for training,” and I want to have a great reputation.