LavishBrows™ Debuted at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards

LavishBrows™ made its debut on the red carpet at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards!

Lavish Lashes®, a pioneer in the industry for professional eyelash extensions and training, was proud to launch LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions – a revolutionary new salon service and DIY (do it yourself) eyebrow enhancement solution for women (and men!) of all ages at this year’s GRAMMY Awards.

LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions are like Lavish Lashes® Eyelash Extensions – you attach an individual fabricated hair fiber to a single natural eyebrow hair, using a high-performance cosmetic adhesive. Eyebrow extensions can also be adhered directly on the skin. This non-invasive, painless eyebrow-enhancing method is the newest innovation in the beauty world for fuller, shapelier, natural looking eyebrows. Ask for LavishBrows™ at your favorite spa for the full service treatment, or when on the go, it’s safe and easy to do it yourself.


Lavish Lashes® was invited to be in the Official GRAMMY Gift Lounge, an exclusive GRAMMY event that takes place before the actual show. It’s where the who’s who of the music industry go to be seen, mingle and sip champagne, all while being spoiled with gift bags and goodies from sponsors such as Lavish Lashes®. Mary Jane Vega, Co-Founder of Lavish Lashes®, says, “We were pleased to join The Recording Academy in recognizing the outstanding achievements in the music industry. It was a unique privilege to introduce our newest brand, LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions, to the nominees, performers, and presenters.”

Mary Jane attended to the event with Kate Higgins, a successful Lavish Lashes® Master Stylist and National Lavish Lashes® Trainer. Kate was the ideal person for the job, not only for her talent, but because she personally experiences a lot of success with LavishBrows™ at her salon in Philadelphia. Kate loves LavishBrows™ and she was truly the perfect fit for the occasion.

Kate & MJ Gift Lounge

When the doors opened to the Official GRAMMY Gift Lounge, it wasn’t long before familiar faces started making their way to the tables – actress Cecilia Balagot; Grace Sanchez from Desperate Housewives; Frank Stallone, brother of Sylvester Stallone; James Kennedy, star of Vanderpump Rules; Kelly Packard of Baywatch; and Sofia Milos from CSI Miami all stopped by the LavishBrows™ table. Mary Jane and Kate were please that these celebs expressed such excitement and interest in LavishBrows™ eyebrow extensions!



Pussycat Dolls member, Kaya Jones, loved LavishBrows™ so much that after the event her manager contacted Lavish Lashes® proposing that Kaya represent the brand! Kaya wasn’t the only one interested, members of the press have also reached out and shown great interest and enthusiasm about LavishBrows™.

Kaya Jones Lavish Lashes

Needless to say, LavishBrows™, was a huge success at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards!

Stay tuned for updates as more exciting news is right around the corner! Interested in LavishBrows™? Learn more about them here: or call 888-708-1115!