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Lavish Lashes® was founded in April 2005, by Tim and Mary Jane Vega for one simple reason ─ Mary Jane had grown up longing for longer, thicker, and natural looking lashes that didn’t damage her own lashes and were easy to maintain. The strip lashes and flare lashes that had long been available to women for decades appeared too fake, could come off too easily and would pull out one’s own natural lashes.

Their journey began In March 2005, when Mary Jane learned that that there was a new technique out of Asia for “semi-permanent” lashes that looked natural, felt natural, and you could shower with and leave on just like your own lashes. Except for one foreign website MJ discovered, online information about eyelash extensions was virtually nonexistent back then ─ Google didn’t even recognize “eyelash extensions” as a search term! Mary Jane had fallen in love with the concept of “semi-permanent” lashes and wanted to make them available to women across the US and the world. But, to do so, required that she convince her husband to fly to a country they had never been before and to venture into an industry in which they had no business experience.

In the end, given Mary Jane’s enthusiasm and perseverance, Tim and Mary Jane flew to South Korea to learn from the recognized eyelash extension innovator herself, Mrs. D, who is credited with introducing eyelash extensions to the beauty industry in Asia in 2003.

Mary Jane and Tim were fortunate enough to stay and study under this renowned eyelash extension pioneer and in April 2005, Lavish Lashes® was born. As they formulated their business practices and policies, Mary Jane and Tim were committed to maintaining consumer safety as the foundation of their brand and were deeply concerned that there were no industry standards or required qualifications for anyone performing this service in the United States. To compensate for the lack of industry-wide regulation, Lavish Lashes®, became the first company to establish its own standards and professional requirements, including training and certification, to ensure the quality and safe application of eyelash extensions. While these requirements were unconventional in the industry at the time, Mary Jane and Tim created one of the most trusted and sought-after eyelash extension brands in the industry ─ Lavish Lashes®.

Lavish Lashes® Today In April 2021, Lavish Lashes® celebrated its 16-year anniversary, and to this day, Lavish Lashes® continues to hold true to its vision, mission, and core values as business thrives and the company grows beyond Mary Jane and Tim’s wildest dreams. The “Lavish family” now includes founding family members, employees at two locations in California and Florida, trainers throughout the U.S. and Canada, partnerships with beauty schools throughout the U.S., and loyal customers all over the world.

Mary Jane continues her passion for eyelash extensions: she has personally trained over 5500 eyelash extension professionals; she trains and oversees each of the Certified Lavish Lashes Trainers; she has perfected the 1-Step Technique for Perfect Bonding; and is an inventor of eyelash extension innovations with patents on five revolutionary products currently in progress.

Lavish Lashes® remains dedicated to offering the highest quality products, comprehensive, hands-on training and certification, and business and marketing support to beauty professionals worldwide who endeavor to enhance their careers, and their income, as members of our amazing Lavish Lashes® family.