Lavish Lashes Introduces LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Lavish Lashes®, a pioneer in the industry for professional eyelash extensions and training, is proud to introduce LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions – a new salon service and DIY (do it yourself) eyebrow enhancement solution for women of all ages. LavishBrows™ is making its debut on the red-carpet this weekend at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards. LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extensions are individual fabricated hair fibers that are attached to single natural eyebrow hairs, or adhered directly on the skin, using a high-performance cosmetic adhesive. This non-invasive, painless eyebrow-enhancing method is the newest innovation in the beauty world for fuller, shapelier, natural looking eyebrows. Ask for LavishBrows™ at your favorite spa for the full service treatment, or when on the go, it’s safe and easy to do it yourself.

LavishBrows Before and After

LavishBrows™ will be in the Official GRAMMY Gift Lounge, an exclusive GRAMMY event that takes place before the actual show. It’s where the who’s who of the music industry go to be seen, mingle and sip champagne, all while being spoiled with gift bags and goodies from sponsors such as LavishBrows™. Mary Jane Dana, Co-founder of Lavish Lashes®, says, “We are pleased to join The Recording Academy in recognizing the outstanding achievements in the music industry. It is a unique privilege to provide a LavishBrows™ Gift Box that contains everything needed to apply natural eyebrow extensions that can last 2-3 weeks to the nominees, performers, and presenters such as Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.”

Look for the Lavish logo behind your favorite artist at the “Step and Repeat Wall”, where celebrities “step” up to the red carpet to pose for photographers and the next celeb “repeats” the process.

Our LavishBrows™ GRAMMY Gift Box contains everything needed to create your own beautiful, natural looking brows. If you would like to get this same gift box, like us on Facebook to enter our GRAMMY Celebrity Gift Box giveaway contest.   LavishBrows

Although we cannot physically take you with us to the GRAMMYs, we want to make sure you feel like you are part of this exciting event.  So, watch this space for photos and a play-by-play of your favorite brow brand at the GRAMMYs. Go Lavish!

And just as a “heads up” watch for our coming announcement about LavishBrows™ DIY Retail Kits to add to your spa/salon products.

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