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Just Wink Lash Lounge was created to be a delightful retreat from the pressing worries of the modern world. I strive to provide my guests with a sanctuary for the senses. Each guest is individual, and each treatment a highly personal affair. I stay constantly attuned, sensitive and responsive to your every need. Under my Intuitive touch, simple sensory pleasures are reawakened, completing the experience that defines Just Wink Lash Lounge. Eyelash extensions are an amazingly powerful way to enhance your natural beauty, increase eye contact and boost your confidence. Just Wink Lash Lounge is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We Makesure you get the absolute best in luxury service, design, and technique from an advanced trained and experienced artist with a passion for our craft.

Contact Information
4685 North Cedar Avenue, Fresno, California 93726