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Lavish Lashes announces our new, one of a kind rewards program that no other lash company currently offers.

Not only do you receive a 7.5% discount off every purchase, plus you will also earn 7.5% Lash Cash™ product credit of the same order that you place. ALL Lash Cash™ can be used within 12 months from your order date. You will see the amount of your Lash Cash™ credit balance within 1 Business Day of your order being placed.

Just use the coupon code LASHCASH at checkout and let us REWARD YOU for your continuing loyalty to LAVISH LASHES!

Terms and Conditions of the Lavish Lashes Lash Cash™ Program

  1. To participate you must be Certified by Lavish Lashes for at least 90 days.
  2. All Lash Cash™ amounts will be credited within one business day. Lash Cash™ product credit accumulates for one year from order date.
  3. Lash Cash™ program cannot be used for training courses, kits, bulk, sale, or clearance items.
  4. Lash Cash™ product credit will be deducted from any orders refunded or canceled.
  5. Lavish Lashes reserves the right to change or terminate this program for any reason without prior notice.