How Joining the Lavish Lashes Family changed Meagan’s Life!

Meagan is a single mom and working for Lavish Lashes® has provided her the opportunity to work part-time and spend quality time with her son!
She became a Certified Lavish Lashes® Stylist in February 2012 and a trainer in June 2012. She is very proud and happy to be a part of the Lavish Lashes® family and enjoys teaching others in what she feels is the safest lash extension application process in the industry.

Here is what Meagan shared with us!
“I wanted to take a moment and share a few words of love for this company that has helped me get to where I am today.

In the winter of 2012 I went from being a stay-at-home mom of a beautiful 3 year old boy to a single parent with no career to fall back on. At that moment the most important thing to me was finding a way to afford a life which would allow me to continue staying at home with my son. I didn’t want to put my child in daycare for the majority of the day seeing him just a few hours in evenings and mornings. By some small miracle I crossed paths with someone who had recently taken eyelash extension training with Lavish Lashes.  We discuss the price of the course, the potential money that could be made once skills developed and the flexibility around work hours. It seemed to be a perfect fit so I signed up for the next class in my city.
Mary Jane Vega, the co-founder of Lavish Lashes and director of training, was my instructor. Over the next 5 years she, Tim Dana and the Lavish team, supported me by helping me to learn and better my skills and later also satisfying my eagerness to teach. I became Canada’s first Lavish Lashes International Instructor.

And the big celebration of 2017… not only have I been able to continue being a stay at home mom, which means having the time to walk my son to the bus every day, make home-cooked meals and having the flexibility to stay home with him if needed on a sick day, but I just purchased a home! Over the past five years not only did I provide my son with a quality life but I also rid myself of the small amount of debt left by my previous relationship and saved enough money to put 20% down on a home for us. It is a fantastic feeling to have accomplished this all on my own.

Oh! But the blessing keep coming! Here is the next chapter, a surprising one so get ready. After all the hard work over the last five years I needed a break, I needed to rest. So I moved my son and I to a remote community in the middle of the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. We are in a little cabin, not in the house I purchased, living a quiet, peaceful and very rich life. It is challenging for families, let alone single moms, to live in this rural community because there are so few job opportunities. But guess what! Lo and behold, my career with Lavish Lashes prevailed once again. Surprisingly, living three hours away from any city center has not hindered my ability to financially provide for my son and I as a Lavish Lashes Eyelash Extension Technician and Instructor.

Mary Jane, Tim and Lavish Lashes I am so thankful for being a part of this company. I am thankful for the life that I have been able to provide my son through the job opportunities created by Lavish Lashes. I’m so appreciative of being able to get ahead financially and purchase a home for us. And last but not least, you have no idea what it means to me to be able to rest and take care of myself and not have to worry about finances. This is a luxury I do not take for granted and I thank you for it.” ~ Meagan Shelly

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