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How to Care
For Your Lash

Lash extensions shed according to your natural eyelash growth cycle. Simply put, your natural eyelash growth cycle is the length of time before your eyelash falls out naturally. The average life span of an eyelash is between 90 and 120 days. And, of course, when your natural eyelash falls out, so does your extension. Everyone’s eyelash growth cycle differs, and often eyelash extensions can last up to several weeks. On average, a person naturally loses 1 – 4 eyelashes every day. There are six factors that affect how long eyelash extensions may appear to last, with one key factor being how well you take care of them. Lavish Lashes® require minimal care, but to ensure that your extensions stay beautiful and last as long as possible, follow these tips.


such as Vaseline, oil based eye creams, eye serums, and cleansers. Read product labels to ensure that the products you are using are “oil-free”. Over time some extension may begin to separate from the natural lash and the use of oil-based products (both natural and synthetic) can make their way causing the extension to separate more quickly. Important caution: Please do not intentionally use an oil based product to remove your extensions, as extensions need to be professionally removed. Oil does not dissolve the adhesive bond and removing your own extensions may cause damage.

before getting your lashes wet. This includes showering, splashing water on your face, visits to the sauna/steam room, swimming, crying, and sweating during exercise.

no matter how bad you want to touch them. Don’t rub, pick or pull your Lavish Lashes® to avoid perma- nent damage to your natural eyelash. Just as plucking your eyebrow hair can cause damage to the root causing it to not grow back ─ the same is true for eyelashes.

USE WATER-WASHABLE MASCARA instead of waterproof mascara. Although mascara is not needed after getting Lavish Lashes®, if you want to use it, gently apply water-based mascara only to the tips of your lash extensions. As an option, consider using Max2 Volume Up Mascara, which is specially formulated for lash extensions.

CLEANSE YOUR EYES with Lavish Lashes® Gentle Eyelid Cleanser or Guinot Eye Cleansing Gel. Both products are specially formulated for gently removing debris and oils around the eyes to prolong the life of your lashes and encourage their growth. Avoid using cotton swabs when cleansing your lash line. Always use a sponge applicator or a micro swab which can gently sweep across the base of your lashes without leaving behind trace fibers. After using cleansers, or when your lashes are wet from the shower, always pat them dry ─ avoid rubbing them with your towel.

ARE YOU A SIDE SLEEPER?To avoid rubbing your eyes too aggressively on your pillow while sleeping, you may want to consider purchasing a Save My Face Pillow®, which provides support to your neck and head while freeing the space around your eyes to prevent wrinkling and damage to your lashes.

Eyelash extensions add extra weight to your natural eyelash, so any additional weight or stress from perming, curling or tinting should be avoided.

Lavish Lashes Model With Comb Brush

ASK YOUR LAVISH PROFESSIONAL about Max2, which has nurturing ingredients and can be applied to the lashes, promoting their durability and enhancing their appearance.

CONTACT YOUR CERTIFIED LAVISH LASHES® STYLIST if you experience signs of irritation. Signs of irritation may appear as redness, itchiness, or swelling around the lash line, which may occur within 24 hours of the application. In case of an allergic reaction, the lash extensions might have to be removed. To avoid damage to your natural lashes, avoid removing the lashes extensions yourself.

Schedule a follow-up “fill” appointment with your professional Lavish Lashes® Stylist within 2 – 3 weeks, so any outgrown lashes can be replaced.

Whenever concerns or questions emerge regarding the after-care of your Lavish Lashes®, you can contact your Lavish Lashes® Professional or feel free to consult the staff at the Lavish Lashes® office at 951-977-9911.