The LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extension Course is designed for the Lash Professional and others in the industry who would like to expand their repertoire with Eyebrow Extensions, therefore increasing their revenue. Eyebrow extensions make a lucrative add-on service to compliment eyelash extension services.

Eyebrow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions because the existing hairs are extended with synthetic extensions to give more length, color or both. As with eyelash extensions, this skill requires training and practice to become proficient. At Lavish Lashes we are committed to providing you with the training and support you need to expand your skills and business with confidence.

Eyebrow extensions are just the solution for those who cannot grow full natural brow hairs due to conditions such as trichotillomania, hypothyroidism, alopecia, over plucking and other conditions. Eyebrow extensions use individual synthetic eyebrow hairs and give a natural, realistic look to brows unlike the artificial use of a pencil or powder. Eyebrow extensions can be applied onto existing brow hairs or directly on the skin, making extensions suitable for those with alopecia of the eyebrows or clients who have over-plucked in the past.

In our 6-hour LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extension Course, you can expect detailed, hands-on training conducted by our exceptional team of licensed and certified professional trainers who have undergone hours of extensive training. Every one of our trainers has achieved a high standard of professionalism and skill as an eyelash and eyebrow professional and continues to provide these services on their own clients.

To ensure a quality educational experience, Lavish Lashes keeps class sizes small, thereby providing a better learning environment. We believe the importance of each student receiving a quality education along with being equipped with knowledge and skill to allow them to become successful as a LavishBrows™ Certified Eyebrow Extension Professional.

You will be working hands-on with a model during a portion of the course. You are required to bring a model to the training, however, if you are traveling from out of town and unable to do so, please contact us as soon as possible so we can explore other options. Unlike other companies, Lavish Lashes® does not ask you to be a model for another student. The goal of our training is to teach you the application technique as a professional, not from the perspective of the client, thus giving you the most value for your training hours and investment.

Course Objectives
As a result of taking our LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extension Course, you will be able to:
• Recreate depth and dimension to brows by applying individual hairs both directly onto the skin or attached onto the existing brow hairs
• Transform eyebrows into perfectly sculpted eyebrows
• Conduct a professional client consultation
• Offer a shape, color and style service for the brows to meet individual client requirements
• Demonstrate how to apply and remove eyebrow extension while maintaining the health and integrity of the natural brow

Take a minute and review our Sample Agenda for the LavishBrows™ Eyebrow Extension Course and then view our Training Schedule and Sign-up Today!

Before registering for Lavish Lashes trainings and/or applying eyelash extensions, it is incumbent upon you to know and abide by the laws of your state regarding eyelash extensions.


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