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Samples Case CO1 Bold Minks
A one case sample of our most popular classic lash extension style for both upper and lower lashes in the most common curl, thickness and lengths, (glamour curl, .15 thickness and 8-15mm length; classic curl .15 6-7 mm lengths for lower lashes). Additionally, red-brown lashes are provided for use while practicing eyelash extensions with our Mz. PuffFace(tm) training exercise.

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Sample Case C02 Two Tone
A one case sample of our classic lash extension style, Bold Minks with 2/3 of the lower part of the lash extension in black , to provide vivid definition along the lash line and the top 1/3 in a vibrant color choice of hot pink, blue, purple and red to perfectly accent a person’s hair eye color or sense of style.

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Sample Case C03 Silky Minks Glossy & Matte
A one case sample in glamour curl, .20 mm lengths 8-12mm so you can compare the different sheens of these luxurious soft lash extensions and create a thicker, more dense lash line without over stressing the natural lashes. These extension are 4-5X lighter than average extensions!

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Sample Case C04 Bold Minks – Curl & Thickness
A one case sample of Bold Minks in the available curls (Classic, Glamour, Ultra and Sharp) and thickness (.10, .15 and .20 mm). Each section of Bold Minks curl and thickness are in the most common lengths (8, 10 and 12mm) so you have just what you need to compare, contrast and customize your clients’ lash line.

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