Behind The Lashes

Do you practice what you preach? Here at Lavish Lashes we want to make sure everyone on our team knows the brand inside and out to better serve our customers, stylists, and trainers. This week we sent Brittany Doyle, our Marketing Manager, for an appointment of glamour and pamper. 

You know the famous Beyoncé quote, “I woke up like this”? Of course you do. Well, this is exactly how I felt when I woke up the morning after my eyelash extension appointment with Certified Lavish Lashes Trainer Amber. If I wasn’t already hooked on lash extensions when Amber took off my gel patches, I definitely am now after waking up.

Unclear about the hype of eyelash extensions? Not sure if they are for your lifestyle and beauty budget? I will take you through the entire process and by the end of the article you will be picking up the phone to book your appointment.

The Process

“Beauty is pain” is NOT the case with these eyelash extensions. The 60 minutes I was laying on the massage table, I was relaxed, comfortable, and actually wished it wasn’t over when Amber finished. Having a true “me” time, where I can’t check my phone, my email, answer a call, or get distracted was a blessing I was not expecting.

The process started with a simple application and explanation so Amber, the Certified Lavish Lashes Trainer, could better understand what look I wanted to achieve with my new set of lashes. After a brief review and explanation of what the process was I laid down on a clean, soft massage table and began to relax as she went through the process of taking “before” pictures, cleaning my lashes (might I just add that I am adimit about taking off my makeup every night, but while cleaning my lashes I had built up mascara still on there – YIKES! Looks like makeup remover isn’t as good as they advertise it is), pointing out how my current lashes were growing, and then began her work.


60 minutes later I was shocked to hear “are you ready to see your new lashes?” I thought, there was no way it could be done, I wasn’t ready yet! She slowly took off my gel patches, combed through my new set of lashes, and grabbed a mirror. When I opened my eyes I was speechless, “you mean I get to keep these 24/7” I thought. They were perfect, everything I tried create after hours hunting down the perfect tube of mascara and becoming best friends with my curler to only find my mascara dripping down my face at the end of the night!

As simple and calming as the process was I booked my next appointment before I got off the table. There was no turning back to wasting time to achieve the look I wanted every day in a simple 60 minute process – where there was NO work on my end! I will take a simple 60 minute relaxing process that will last me the next 4 weeks vs. buying countless tubes of mascara and reapplying daily any day!

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The Price

With the average life span of a tube of mascara is 3 months, past this you should be throwing your tubes away due to bacterial infections, and the price of mascara ranging from $20 to $60 it was an easy switch for me to budget eyelash extensions into my new beauty routine.

Like most girls, I had one tube for curl, one tube for volume, one tube for length. Sound familiar? Instead of mixing up your own concoction, let can your lash stylist create the perfect cocktail for you and you will never have to hassle with your lashes again!

Eyelash extensions range from $125-250 for an average full set, and touch ups ranging from $60 -100 depending on how long you wait for your fill. It is not uncommon to see $300-$400 for our Volume Lashes and Authentic Siberian Mink Lashes. I personally will go for my fill in 2 weeks. Why? I personally would like my appointment will be shorter, around 30-45 minutes, as there will not be many lashes to fill so I can be in and out of the door on my lunch break! This means a simple 30 minute appointment will have me and my wallet set for the next 2 weeks!


Worried your lashes can’t keep up with your lifestyle? You would be shocked. If it can survive my daily lifestyle, it can survive anyone’s!

I love an excuse to sweat, whether it is going to the gym or going for a run with my puppy, I make sure it happens every day sometimes even twice a day! With this type of a lifestyle I can’t rely on makeup since it will melt off my face, so before my eyelash extensions I would have to walk into the gym looking like a zombie with nothing on at all.

Squeezing in a workout before work, on my lunch break, or before date night always means I am cutting my “getting ready” routine in half and have to compromise health for beauty. With eyelash extensions I never have to make that compromise again! With a simple touch of lip gloss I look put together and ready to take on the day, meeting, or date!

My weekends are filled with sporting events, girl’s night out, date nights, pool days, and boating. When pictures are being snapped every second to share on social media, my lashes make me stand out and look put together. Thanks to my favorite accessory, eyelash extensions, I never have to worry about hiding my face in photos and can be thankful for people capturing memories!


Curl IQ

Want to change up your look without having to spend hours with your curler and mascara tube?

Lavish Lashes offers classic, glamour, and ultra-style lashes to complete everyone’s dream look! Here at Lavish Lashes the employees are called “stylists” for a reason, meaning they create a unique set of lashes just for you, your wants, and your eyes – a custom, perfect, and unique fit for you!

Lavish Love 

True Life: I am obsession with my Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions!

Eyelashes extensions are fit for every type of lifestyle, look, and budget – that’s right, ditch the mascara tubes and curlers and invest in something that gives you lasting results! Say hello to your new favorite accessory, you won’t want to live without it!


The Shocking Facts

Just in case you still aren’t as convinced as I am that mascara tubes are in the past and extensions are a necessity here are some shocking facts I found out!

Late night outs, falling asleep on the couch, and waterproof mascara usually leaves most of us sleeping the entire night with our mascara on. Did you know leaving on your mascara, even just overnight, can cause your lashes to shed prematurely!

Is your eyelash curler your best friend when you are trying to achieve your perfect look? If you are in a rush or on the go you may handle your curler too rough. This may cause your lashes to stick and pull right out of your lash line, leaving you with little to no lashes!

That’s right ladies, it is time for you to experience what I did and make your FIRST eyelash extension appointment with a Lavish Lashes Stylist near you, start by clicking here to find your local Stylist!


Already addicted? Well remember, friends never let friends have short lashes, save time and money in your friends’ life and refer them to your Lavish Lashes Stylist!