Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainers are the most highly skilled professional eyelash extension trainers in the industry. They are accomplished Certified Lavish Lashes® Stylists who have a true passion for Lavish Lashes® eyelash extensions and products and take deep personal and professional satisfaction in offering the Lavish Lashes® superior training curriculum to others. They possess an aptitude for hands-on teaching and take pride in the accomplishments of their students. Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainers have an entrepreneurial spirit – they expand their business and enjoy the opportunities for travel and continued professional development.


Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainers possess extensive knowledge on application techniques, safety precautions, and the tips and tricks of the trade based on their hands-on experience as a Certified Lavish Lashes® Stylist. Each Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainer brings a unique skill set to the intensive workshops they teach which enables them to respond to the individual learning needs of their students. Trainers are great problem solvers and always maintain a positive attitude. Most importantly, Lavish Lashes® Certified Trainers are highly competent, as lash extension professionals and as trainers and have an unsurpassed enthusiasm for both.


Lavish Lashes® is looking for highly skilled eyelash extension professionals who have a true passion for eyelash extensions, love to teach and help students grow, and are committed to the outstanding training certification program that Lavish Lashes® offers its prospective students.
Harness your enthusiasm and embrace your natural desire to be an inspiration to others. Join our team of trainers and help others advance their careers and income through Lavish Lashes®. If you are a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist who has successfully completed the Basic Certification Course: Lash Extension Basic Technique & Safety, received your certification, completed the Advanced Comprehension Course, have enjoyed success with Lavish Lashes® core products exclusively for at least six months, and can demonstrate passion and skill for the service, then apply now to join our renowned team of national trainers.


When applying to become a trainer, you will be asked to demonstrate that you can apply 50 plus extensions on each eye in approximately an hour (timed after eyes are covered and protected).

Great trainers are not only skilled eyelash extension professionals, but are also great communicators and problem solvers. When working with a diverse group of students, with varying skill-sets and personalities, you must be able to handle challenges with professionalism and a positive attitude. During the application process, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities through a series of “observe and assists”. This portion of the application process is conducted over a 2-4 month period of time and is generally individualized to each applicant.

Additionally, as part of the application process, you must make a commitment to be available to train at least one Sunday and Monday per month for a minimum of a two-year term.

To express your interest in becoming a trainer and obtaining more information about the application process, please complete the interest form below. Once we have received the form, you will be contacted to complete a non-disclosure agreement and a brief questionnaire, so we may learn more about you and your interest in becoming a trainer. You will also be asked to submit a minimum of five “before” and “after” photos exemplifying your fabulous talent for eyelash extensions.

When this information has been received, the next step is to schedule an informational interview with the Director of Training. At the time of the interview, the Director of Training will discuss with you the next steps in the application process to join our exemplary team of trainers. We look forward to hearing from you!





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I meet the following initial requirements to apply to become a Certified Lavish Lashes® Trainer (please check all requirements that you meet):

  I am a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist.
  I am certified with Lavish Lashes®.
  I completed the Advanced Comprehension Course.
  I have used Lavish Lashes® core products exclusively for a minimum of 6 months.
  I am able to apply a minimum of 50 eyelash extensions on each eye with perfect technique in about an hour.
  I have excellent problem solving and communication skills.
  I have the ability to maintain a professional and positive attitude.
  I have the desire and willingness to learn and grow professionally.
  I am willing to share my skills and inspire others to be successful with Lavish Lashes®.
  I am available to train at least one Sunday and Monday per month as needed for a minimum of two years.


“I love watching a student who has never picked up a lash, doesn’t know how to hold tweezers, and by the end of the class apply several great lashes. It’s the best feeling for me. It’s like the feeling a mom gets watching her baby learn to walk. I absolutely love it. To see the confidence, the smiles that they have, it’s amazing.”

~ Veronica Payne, Lavish Lashes Trainer®, Chicago

Lash Extensions Veronica Payne

“I love training my students and I love providing quality service to my clients. I know I will continue teaching and doing extensions. This has allowed me to work about 40 hours a month, cover all my expenses and save some money. I am able to be a stay-at-home mom, which was my goal, and work for a supportive, reliable, honest and stress free company.”

~Meagan Shelley, Lavish Lashes Trainer®, Canada

Lash Extensions Veronica Payne