Form – Advanced Comprehension & Conversion Certification Course

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1. How and when did you first learn to apply eyelash extensions?

2. What other lash extension products have you tried and what have you liked most and least about each product? (Please be specific)

3. What formal training, e.g., a certificate from another eyelash extension company, eyelash extension training through a school’s curriculum, etc., have you received? (Please bring proof of training and/or certification to class.)

4. Describe your experience in eyelash extension applications. Approximately how many eyelash extension applications do you do in a week? What is your skill level in applying eyelash extensions, e.g., 10 lashes each eye in 30 minutes, full sets (approximately 50+ on each eye), etc.

5. What is the skill level that you would like to attain?

6. What percentage of your business is dedicated to offering eyelash extensions? How do you want that to change? What other services do you offer?

7. Please describe your work situation, e.g., independent contractor with space in a salon/spa, own your own salon/spa, work for yourself in a home spa/studio, etc.

8. How do you currently promote yourself and/or your business? How could Lavish Lashes best assist you in your promotions?

9. What is your vision for the future of your business? In what ways do you want to grow professionally?

10. What do you hope to gain by taking the Lavish Lashes® Advanced Comprehension & Conversion Certification Course?

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