A Perfect Bond for Lavish Lashes Starts with the Best Eyelash Extension Adhesive

“What have you done to my lashes?” “Why are my lashes falling out after just a few days?” “Why are my eyes teary, itchy and swollen?” These are just a few of the complaints you might hear when you use the wrong eyelash extension adhesive. Needless to say, you will find yourself stressed, with your hands in your hair, combating a major headache while wondering why your career was so short-lived. No matter how skilled of a Lavish Lashes® stylist you are, if you do not use the correct adhesive, it will show in your work and result in unhappy customers. You can prevent this by knowing the differences between Lavish Lashes® adhesives and choosing the right one for your skill level and clientele. Know your options!


  • Lavish Lashes® Ultra Bond:If you are confident that your lashing skills are far above average and you hardly ever have to correct your initial application, our Ultra Bond is the ideal adhesive for you. Its fast-drying nature promotes speedy lash attachment and eliminates the need for a curing agent. Developed especially for Lavish Lashes® the Ultra Bond always delivers! Count on strong, dependable adhesion, seamless connectivity and long-lasting results.
  • Lavish Lashes®Elite Bond: If you are efficient in lashing, but would still like some room for corrections, our Elite Bond has your name written all over it. It dries a little slower than our Ultra Bond, but faster than our Pro Bond. It took months of testing to come up with this new formula that perfectly complements all of our Lavish Lashes®. This adhesive does have a slight scent, so it is best not used on sensitive customers.
  • Lavish Lashes® Pro Bond: You don’t have to disappoint customers with sensitive eyes or customers who are prone to allergies; they can have fabulous lashes too! Just use our Pro Bond when applying their lashes. Lavish Lashes® Pro Bond is our slowest-drying adhesive that leaves plenty of room for corrections. This special formulated adhesive is odorless, making irritations less likely. If desired, a handheld fan can be used to speed up drying time. When using this adhesive, recommend that your customers use our Longer Life Coating to extend the life of their lash extensions in between touch ups.


Now that you know the skinny on Lavish Lashes® adhesives, make sure to properly store the adhesive of your choice. Incorrect storage can impair the quality and effectiveness of the formula. With correct storage, your adhesive can have a shelf life of approximately 5 to 10 months. If you are already using a bottle of adhesive, but would like to have a backup bottle on hand, store the unopened bottle in the fridge. When you are ready to use the fridge-stored bottle, allow it to warm up to room temperature before use. After breaking the seal, store the adhesive in a dry area, away from humidity, at room temperature (65°F – 75°F). Opened bottles should not be placed back into the fridge, because each time a drop of adhesive is used, warm air gets in the bottle. This warm air contains moisture, and when you place the bottle back in the fridge, the moisture condenses and can thicken and harden the glue and reduce its shelf life. To ensure that you always have fresh adhesive, we recommend replacing your bottle 90 days after opening it. Happy Lashing!

Which Lavish Lashes® adhesive do you prefer? How did you discover the best adhesive for you? Share your choice below!