5 Reasons a Thanksgiving Hostess is Thankful for Eyelash Extensions

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, here are five reasons Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions should be included in your “things to be thankful for.”

• Eliminate Eye Makeup Worries. With Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching, you have a thousand things to worry about as you prepare to host Thanksgiving dinner; sending invitations, researching recipes, decorating, grocery shopping, preparing dinner, etc. Fortunately, doing your eye makeup doesn’t have to be one of them, thanks to Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions.

• Hide Sleep Deprivation. On Thanksgiving Day, you will probably be up before the rooster crows after a long night of baking and preparation. Your first look in the mirror shows those unflattering bags under your eyes – but don’t despair! With Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions, no one will notice those unsightly bags; your eyes will be popping and all your guests will see is you batting your beautiful lashes!

• Boost Self-Confidence. If you only see some family members during the holidays, you want them to say, “You look fabulous – not a day older!” Again, Lavish Lashes comes to the rescue! Our eyelash extensions can dramatically enhance your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter. The extensions also bring out the color of your eyes. You will feel youthful and beautiful and as the compliments start pouring in, your confidence is bound to increase. When you look good, you feel good!

• Save Time and Money. You can easily maintain Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions through Christmas and New Year’s Day by getting touch-ups, or so-called fills, every 2 to 3 weeks. In addition to being less expensive, fills are less time-consuming; in about 30 minutes you will leave the salon knowing that your lashes look as fabulous as you feel!

• Banish Raccoon Eyes. Last, but not least, should the stress of prepping and cooking for a party of 25 reduce you to tears, you will not be in any danger of looking like a raccoon. Mascara meltdowns are forever banished, because when wearing Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions, mascara is optional and not even needed.

If you need to try and squeeze in a lash appointment for yourself before the big day, check the Lavish Lashes Directory to locate a Lash Stylist near you.